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Senetue's Development


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Senetue's Development

Post by Senetue on Tue Nov 11, 2014 12:21 pm

Name: Senetue Hirona
Link to Application:

Resurrección Segunda:
Resurrección Name: Ἄτλας
Descriptions: Usually used as a final means to a fight, Ἄτλας, is a truly fearsome resurrección that can cause many to feel the idea of being weak and helpless. When this resurrección is invoked, his spear like scalpel pierces himself directly in the chest. Within moments, his body is flooded with adrenaline and his true power is returned to his form. He changes drastically in appearance, mimicking a more human like form, and his speed, strength and endurance are x1.5. Yet, this all comes at a cost for he is completely incapable of using abilities within this resurrección state and cannot do so until he changes make to his chibi form.
Release Command: "I shall carry the burdens of my race, Ἄτλας."
Released Appearance: Appearance
Other Changes: N/A

This resurreccion to is to be obtained at a later time.


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