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Quincy Ranks and More

Loli Gaga

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Quincy Ranks and More

Post by Loli Gaga on Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:19 am

Hello BD,

I know most of you noticed Pfeil. If you haven't, here's a link.
Shnigamis are always easy to find, hollows come and go, but having quincies co-exist on the same level with the rest is a little bit tricky.

So we designed a rank system that suits our current plot which involves Quincy Monarchy. 

For more Info, visit the links bellow. 

Quincy Ranking

Quincy Ranking Comparison With Shinigami

Random BD Quincy History:
Kreuz is the palace where the Königlich reside. Königlich are considered the purest of pure, the royalty of the Quincy blood line, Kreuz is found center of Pfeil, surrounded by it's 7 cities. A separate wall surrounds it protected with the same enhancement Westtor has only stronger. Kreuz is easily the largest land mark Pfeil has, from a distance one would think it's a mountain, but once close enough you would see it's intricate carvings, symbols long lost from human knowledge, holding the very secret behind the Quincies origin. Kreuz was said to be home to the first two Quincies, and the first two humans who were no less than ordinary. Aware of what the Quincies could do, they made a promise, which later took the symbol of the cross, who ever wore the cross was a Quincy, a friend of the human race, and who ever did not were humans, friend of the Quincy race. The two races lived in harmony until the great war which lead into the extinction of the Quincies , or so that's what the humans believed for centuries. But here out of nowhere, a country spouts out of nowhere claiming to have been sunken under the sea, a whole civilization swallowed by great tides, not to destroy it, but not to protect it either, but what for?


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