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A Walk Around The Town

7th Division Captain
7th Division Captain

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Re: A Walk Around The Town

Post by ShinishiNamba on Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:51 am

Hazama was kind of shocked by Captain Martinez's question, he wasn't expecting to answer anything. Hazama looked back toward Captain Martinez.

Well Captain I honestly hadn't thought of leaving Captain Aki but then again I know there is a lot that I need to learn, I need to become stronger and there is something else that I need. You think you are the one to do it Captain?

Hazama continued to finish his drink and moved on to the others that he had ordered waiting for the Captain's answer.
Demon King
Demon King

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Re: A Walk Around The Town

Post by Pythia on Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:17 pm

(Gonna finish this quickly, gonna post as both my Characters in one post just to get things moving quicker)

Pythia swung his hand towards the direction of the doorway, this made Michael go flying out, crashing through the door and hitting hard against the brick wall causing deep cracks within in. Pythia looks around and notices that his Pandaren friend Jintaro Dangarta has already disappeared from plane site, he shows no care for this and goes to where Michael landed.

Michael gets up of the floor gasping for air, as he does this Pythia launches a deadly punch to Michaels throat, this made Michael begin to suffocate, as Michael began to gasp for air Pythia grabbed a hold of Michaels two blades and pierced them through each side of his chest, the left blade missing Michael's heart by three inches.

"This is how it feels like to be powerless Michael... Take note of this and remember... This is your punishment for getting involved in my business and attacking my soldiers!"

Pythia would send quick Bala filled punches at Michael beating up him badly and making him bleed heavily, Michael fell to the floor unconscious. Pythia had created a large log of wood and placed it on Michaels shoulders and then created demonic chains to tie both his hands to each side, he looked back to look at Kyouga.

"Kyouga, we're done here as is he. Go to the Soul Society and begin your attack, I will send you a horde of hollows to help you."

He turned his face back to Michael, he aimed his hand to the floor beneath Michael. This had created a garganta portal which swallowed Michael up, this would then send Michael to the squad three location of the Soul Society. After that he said to kyouga without staring at him.

"Don't disappoint me again."
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Re: A Walk Around The Town

Post by Funnyguy339 on Mon Dec 16, 2013 3:41 pm

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Re: A Walk Around The Town

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