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12th Division Captain

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Post by Zatoichi on Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:30 am

Upon looking around and realizing this place needs is a area that holds much like a locker room for all current members and the links to their so called handles aka (characters they control), so starting now till the very end. Every time you make a new character after your each 100 on topic role playing posts you will be sure to update your status with every new character you make. on a new account.

Name: username/ and character
Rank if any:
Allegiance if any:  
type of character:
Purpose of character:

So when you are ready you will make a thread, label it Locker room of {your name here} and within that thread you will house all your characters with links to their abilities, powers, etc. and you will outline all the accounts if any you have that are also yours. So nobody is concerned for whatever reason what is going on with that account or this.

Any further question ask....

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