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Scars of Life Part 1 {Solo - Complete}


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Scars of Life Part 1 {Solo - Complete}

Post by G-Prime on Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:07 am

Note : This happens 5 years before Kenzo joins the Shinigami

It was a normal night, by normal people’s standards. Warm but enjoyable weather, the people of the district were tending to their normal activities. Some men were having a pint at the bar, some were working their stands. Everything seemed to indicate that this would be a normal evening, without incidents...Or that was what people thought. Kenzo was at the tavern, enjoying a pint, in a dark, almost gloomy corner. People knew better than to disturb him. Most incidents at that tavern had him involved. If he wasn’t so dangerous, the tavern owner most likely would have asked him to refund everything he had broken during the various incidents in which he had been involved in the past few weeks. To Kenzo, it was just a normal night at the bar. Some wannabe most likely would want to go at it at some point, and the man would gladly oblige, beating him up without necessarily taking care not to involve the furniture or the other customers.

“Robbers at the district’s gates” A man shouted as he came in the tavern. Most of the customers smiled and left a few coins on the table as they got up to go and fight. Such incidents were pretty common, and they usually kept the men of the district entertained. Rather than fight at the bar, they’d brawl it out whenever robbers would try and disturb their peace. Kenzo got up as well, although he didn’t bother to pay. He considered that beating up more than two robbers in those incidents was enough payment for him to be allowed to drink freely. He thought of it as his rate for keeping that tavern safe. As he got out of the small hut, he quickly saw that this was more alarming than usual. The robbers had put the gates on fire, and scattered around the district rather than to stay in a group. Those were more than just stray travelers banding up to try and survive. They were a band, which had been doing this for a while, their movements were coordinated, and they had a plan. Kenzo walked towards the gates and saw a man that seemed to be around his size. The man only wore large pants and sandals, and his blood red long hair was hiding his upper torso, although the light wind flicked it away from time to time, revealing two distinct kanji tattooed on his pectoral muscles. The one on the left was the Kanji for Fame, and the tattoo on the right pectoral muscle was the Kanji for Wealth. Kenzo smiled and immediately rushed towards the man, who also started running towards Kenzo with a sick smile once he saw him.

When both men got into striking range, they started exchanging bombs, planting their feet as hard as they could on the ground while punching without any notion of defense, testing each other out. Both men simultaneously landed right hooks, making their heads sway backwards before starting to exchange high velocity punches for a few seconds before calmly taking a step back. Kenzo was somewhat surprised, he wasn’t expecting someone not to show any sign of damage after taking a few hits from him. He hadn’t met a good challenge in who knows how many years. His sadistic grin only widened as he advanced towards his challenger, throwing several jabs to scout his opponent’s ability to evade and react to pressure. The red haired man swayed his head on the sides, and although it was difficult to notice, his eyes were carefully following Kenzo’s punches and his feet as he was evading the punches. Clearly this guy was either a great hire by the robbers, or their leader. Whichever was it, it only pleased Kenzo more. Finally he had found someone who could stand up to him, and maybe allow him to test his strength against someone decent. The sadistic man advanced on his opponent, connecting with two swift left low kicks to the right leg of the red haired man, making him smirk a little bit. Kenzo usually tried to physically dissect his opponents, and low kicks were a perfect weapon for that. A few well-placed strikes could easily hinder someone’s ability to put weight and walk on that leg properly. However, that man did not seem to be affected by those kicks that much, as he connected with a right kick straight to Kenzo’s hips, before barely missing with a high jump kick using that same leg.

Both men took a few steps back, circling around one another for a few moments. While the red haired men seemed to feel the effects of the kicks he took, the only noticeable damage between both fighters was slight swelling around the eyes as well as severe nosebleeds. Kenzo had a large cut opened up on the bridge of his nose, the cut was wide enough that it covered the whole bridge and was starting to spread towards his eyes. His opponent hadn’t seem to notice the cut near the eyes and dashed towards Kenzo as soon as he saw that, although his advance was met by a sweeping low left kick aimed at his right leg again. Kenzo didn’t waste a second and connected with a right punch square in the man’s solar plexus, before kicking him in the ribs before getting back up and taking some distance. It was only then that Kenzo noticed the blood gushing down from his nose, and the nasty cut on his nose bridge. As he tried to touch it with his finger, he noticed that the cut was as big as his finger, and covered his entire bridge. While he was checking up on himself, Kenzo saw that his opponent was painfully getting back to his feet, gasping for some air. The hit to the plexus had left its mark. The man was breathing very heavily, having just managed to get his breathing back under control. His chest bore a crimson tint due to the blood gushing down from his nose.

None of the combatants were ready to let that enjoyment die down for a second, and immediately dashed towards one another. This time, as Kenzo went for a right hook, he was caught by surprise and ate a vicious headbutt aimed at his right eye as well as a sneaky left straight aimed at his left eye, opening the cut on the nose of his bridge towards both of his eyes, getting so close that the skin between the eyelids and the cut was barely visible. Kenzo took a few steps back before attempting a right high roundhouse kick that barely missed before following by a right front kick that struck his opponent straight in the chest, pushing him away. Kenzo pursued him, landing a swift left elbow followed by two low left kicks that connected again, this time, clearly having an effect on his opponent who was started to limp on his right leg. The relentless Kenzo continued to apply pressure on the man with punches to the liver, the right side of the ribcage as well as an open palm strike landing on the chest of his opponent.

The red haired man didn’t give up, dashing towards his attacker before throwing several wild punches that Kenzo swiftly evaded before he caught his arm on what seemed like a desperate attempt to damage Kenzo’s cut to make it reach his eyes. Kenzo quickly took his assailant down, face first on the ground, using his right knee to keep his face grounded as he punched the man several times in the ribs, until he could feed that some of them cracked. He followed up with vicious elbow strikes on the other side of the rib cage. Even with all that damage and the screaming of the red haired man, Kenzo wasn’t satisfied. He grabbed the right arm of his opponent, and with an open palm strike towards his elbow, broke the man’s elbow before letting go of the arm, his sadistic smile coming back after he heard the man scream out in pain. He let go of him, and got back to his feet, circling around what seemingly had become his prey, like a vulture waiting for the moment to finish him.

As the man in red painfully was getting up, Kenzo seemed disappointed that his challenger could only bring so much out of him. Although that scar was nasty and he had nasty swelling on the eyes, he still was in pretty good shape, and still was ready to go for another few rounds. The red haired man however, didn’t share Kenzo’s luck. His right leg was barely holding up, and several of his ribs were bruised, if not broken. He was bleeding abundantly from the nose. He wasn’t even trying to lift his right arm up, just leaving it hand by his side, trying to keep whatever energy he had. Despite his shape, the man was still grinning, as if he was having a blast despite the beating he had taken so far. He started walking towards Kenzo, seemingly still willing to fight, no matter the shape he was in. Kenzo smiled because he had found someone that seemed to live his life the same way he did. Kill or be killed. However, people like that were so rare, killing them wouldn’t be fun. Leaving them alive so they would haunt you seemed to be the better option in Kenzo’s mind at that very moment. As he prepared to put the finishing touches on his work of demolition, the man in red raised his head while looking at Kenzo, raising his left arm, as if he was inviting his opponent to finish him off.

“Torashiki Kenta…It was nice meeting someone who could keep up with me for more than 10 minutes”. He said, as he looked at Kenzo, almost sad that this was about to end, knowing how much he would’ve loved for such a brawl to continue. He closed his eyes just after he saw Kenzo dash towards him, preparing himself for the last blow he would ever take.

“Kenzo, remember me, and seek me. We WILL meet again”. The mad man screamed as he ran towards his prey, grabbing his opponent’s face with his right hand as he tripped him. Kenta’s eyes barely opened when he felt his face being grabbed, but were brutally shut down when he was tripped and Kenzo forced his head straight to the ground, leaving him unconscious. Kenzo laughed as he watched around. The battle was still raging on between the villagers and the robbers, but he didn’t care. He had finally found someone who could rise up to his challenge, and that was all that mattered to him. The mad man started walking away from the unconscious Kenta as he headed back towards the bar, trying to go and celebrate the memory of that fight, and the feeling that he would meet that man again, and proudly show the scars of their last encounter when they would fight again.

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