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Squad mission

2nd Division Captain
2nd Division Captain

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Squad mission

Post by Raiden on Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:32 am

In the mission the 10TH Seat of Squad 11 will be joining the Captain and the assassins through the villages and into the deep forests.

It has been reported that several towns have been wiped out by a large group of hollow, all members attending this mission are to proceed with caution, work as a team and remember to use a mixture of both hand to hand combat (hakudo and hoho) and zanpaktou and blade skill.

The Captain of Squad 2 will be walking behind his squad and assassins and will be reporting everything on this mission and will be writing up on how each person is developing, the role of the captain is not to interfere unless necessary.

Squad 2 and there captain begin to set of for there mission, the squad walks in front of the captain as they begin to walk around quietly with barley there footsteps being heard as they began the mission. Raiden was behind wearing his full combat uniform and his captains haori on top of it. He placed his hands in his pockets as he began to walk behind the squad he simply said to his squad.

"You all know what you need to do. If I see that you need me I will step in. Continue on with your mission. Good Luck Gentlemen."

And with that he stayed silent watching over his squad and anyone else who wished to attend the mission.

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Re: Squad mission

Post by G-Prime on Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:02 am

Note : I assumed I had to give your squad some space to fight, so I'll space my posts between their fights. That okay with you?

"....." was Kenzo's reaction to the orders that Raiden gave to his squad, he immediately headed in front of the group, not giving a damn whether he was breaking formation or not. Rules and orders weren't something he was meant to follow. Plus, if what the Captain was saying was indeed true, it was a group of hollows at the most. No arrancars, no gillians. He had survived his very few encounters with those while he was in the academy.

As Kenzo advanced, he started hearing steps that weren't his, but didn't care to stop. If anything, he could get surrounded and wouldn't care, his recklessness would only enhance his excitement as well as the pleasure he would experience during battle. It was only a moment later that he noticed he was being followed by two hollows that were about double his size. One had white skin and a mask that looked like an X mark with a closed quarter circle on the bottom part of the mask, where its mouth was. That hollow was a biped, and had fists that were around half a meter wide. The other hollow's skin was a light red, and his mask was a perfectly symmetrical oval with two horns. It was a quadruped, and the horns seemed to indicate that he was specializing in ramming his prey.

Kenzo didn’t waste a second to attack. Numbers weren’t in his favor, but that was not his preoccupation. The horned hollow was the dangerous one in the lot, because with those horns it could easily ram the shinigami through a building, making him easy prey for the other hollow. The shinigami went to work, immediately trying to lure the quadruped hollow to try and ram him. The plan was simple, lure him, use his speed to evade and attack the hollow while he had the chance. Kenzo went to poke the hollow, before dashing backwards, inviting him in. The red skinned hollow took the bait, and attempted to ram Kenzo on a nearby structure, only to miss the shinigami who swiftly dodged to his left. However, to Kenzo’s surprise, before he could get to work on the hollow, he was stopped in his tracks by a big fist straight to his chest that threw him fifty meters away.

Kenzo tried his best to get back to his feet quickly, but on his feet or down, he knew that his plan wasn’t the right one in his situation. As he finally got to his feet, he dived to his right as he saw the hollow attempting to ram him and not let him the chance to get back up. The shinigami smiled as he dived, for once, there might be something that would test him and see just where he was standing now. Kenzo would try to use the nearby forest to his advantage. He was quicker and smaller than both hollows, and using the trees as coverage would make it easier for him to attack the hollows without taking the risk of taking them both at the same time. He tried his best to make himself visible to both hollows, dragging them with him from the small village towards the forest nearby, to get his next plan underway…

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