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Storage Rental

Urahara Kisuke
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Storage Rental

Post by Urahara Kisuke on Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:40 pm

Welcome to the storage area, this is where all your items are stored if you don't have them on hand.

When you buy an item from the Market Place, you have 2 options.

A player can only equip 6 items at a time IF they have enough item slots. You only need to buy item slots once and they cost about 50 KAN a piece. Once you avail them you can carry your items with you.

The second option is storing them in this place and saving them for later use. 1 storage space costs about 500KAN a month. For more info read our terms of agreement bellow.

BDRPG STORAGE SPACE Terms of Agreement:

1. Number of Items
A storage unit can only contain 50 items, if your storage is maxed out it will be locked and no items can be added to it anymore. If you wish to store more items, you need to avail another storage space but this time you will only pay half the price.

2. Payment
You only need to pay once a month, but other forms of payment come when you withdraw items.

3. Item Withdrawal
Every transaction costs about 100 KAN regardless of how many items you take out.

4. Unpaid Storage
If you miss a months payment your locker will be locked. You have 2 months to reclaim your locker before it will be auctioned.

5. Storage Auction
Your locker will be auctioned to the highest bidder if you miss 3 payments, so if you wish to keep your items, make sure you don't miss payments.

6. Item Protection
If you stay with us we ensure the safety of your items with the promise that it wont be tampered in any way.

If you find our TOA agreeable then please reply to this thread.

Happy Shopping!

Best Regards

Baka-Shop Keeper

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