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Urahara Kisuke
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Post by Urahara Kisuke on Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:20 pm

Welcome to the BDRPG Bank!

What is this place?

Good question, this place is the place where all the money transactions are done. Be it missions or cash conversions, you name it, it's our business

What else is this place's purpose?
You can also borrow money from this place, but if you're not able to pay in time (Depending on the amount or site conditions), the bank would put a price on your head, and put you on the bounty list of people the bank wants killed (or captured) a win win situation, don't you think?

Can i store my money here?
Well this is a bank, so yes, you can store your money here, it would also be easier for shop transactions.

Can i steal someone's money?
That's bad, well, we don't recommend you do, but beware of the consequences.

Best Regards

Baka-Shop Keeper

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