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How to change the images on the templates?!?!

Loli Gaga

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How to change the images on the templates?!?!

Post by Loli Gaga on Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:48 pm

We recently upgraded our templates to a flashy looking one. The information we ask is still pretty much the same things, the only difference is the images it contain.

You can change all these, but if your a noob in html then it would be a bit trouble some.

Can i change this thing above the template?

Ofcourse, but if you do that theres a high possibility that it wont appear right.

How do I change it?

You can find the code to change it somewhere on the first few lines of the template.

Look for this bit.

This was taken out from the vizard template as seen on the hi lighted area of the image, you can change the link of the image to your liking.

How about the image for my character?

Look for this part of the coding, its just a little under a few lines from the header image.

You can only change the image link and the text "Your Charcter Here" changing the other codes would mess the entire appearance of the template.

Why does my image look stretched/weird?

Its probably because of the image either being too big or too small. The perfect image size to fit within the template is 260 px X 455 px. Try re-sizing or cropping your photo before using them.

If there are any other questions about the template images, feel free to ask them here.



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