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Shiro Araumi's development

Mizuchi Araumi
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Shino Academy Student

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Shiro Araumi's development

Post by Mizuchi Araumi on Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:48 am

I AM Shinigami warrior of god

Basic Information:

Human Name:
Mizu Hyozan
Shinigami Name: Shiro Araumi
Gender: Male
Age: 765 years old
Division: 13th division
Rank: Captain
Residence: 13th division
Appearance: Shiro has long blue hair that seems a bit wild he has a slightly pale demeanor and grey eyes he has no particular scarring or anything yet he doesn't seem to smile nor be cold looking in fact a persons first impression of him would be calm, reserved, lost in thought, and slightly deressed. His body build is silghtly lean yet muscular he stands up 6ft 2in. and weighs around 190 pounds. He wears a semi normal shinigami uniform the only difference being that everything that was white is switched up to be a royal blue color with his captain haroi the underside of it being a royal blue coloring as well his zanpaktou rests at his left side. Around his neck he wears a sappire pendant in the shape of a tear which he is very protective of.

His gigai is basically the the same build he is but he wears his choice of human clothes which are a white button up T-shirt and a black blazer but with both of the sleeves on the blazer and shirt rolled up and stuffed into one another and his white shirt tucked in. He wear black jeans and black converse and around his neck a loose royal blue colored tie. He also wears a pendant similar to his own.

Personality: Shiro is basically a borderline nihilist he himself believes in not having a purpose for existing or no meaning to his existence however he doesn't care what other people think he basically lets it go with the reasoning of it doesn't concern him. By himself likes to sit and think about his passed irritated by his actions and choices while he supposedly doesn't care something always seems to bug him. In battle he usually keeps calm studying the other powers while playing defensively until he jumps into the offense in which case he can be ruthless at times.

However he feels on the inside it doesn't show on the outside he usually hides his feelings and doubts behind a mask of false sense of caring and kindness and seems to be able to adapting to situations very quickly issuing orders to fit the situation making him a somewhat decent leader. He takes care of his division and is proud of each them just not with himself for he know his life is meaningless but he won't submit without reason.

Your Legacy:

Character Story:
Human life: During his human life Shiro Araumi was known as Mizu Hyozan. He resided in a small village in Japan he lived with his parents and a few other villagers. The village was peaceful however they still took precautions and had a small squad of people to join in order to give the villagers some security Mizu's father being selected among all the potential members to actually lead them and while Mizu's spend his days as a average boy growing up learning lessons from his mistakes.

As his teenage years quickly approached them Mizu's father began to pick out new recruits to actually learn the sword and to protect the village. Mizu held this very close to him wanting to take over his fathers position although his father argued with him that it would take much more maturing and a strong team bond for all of them deciding the ranks of the squad and seeing each others potential in battle along with having the right amount of intelligence to protect the village. Mizu listened carefully and made a oath to becoming to best out of the village.

So with that the boy began to train and study to follow his dream however there was one other person who sought that out as well a rival family who wanted to take control of the village. That family was the Kuroyami family which his father was only second in command to Mizu's father. In their attempt they trained their son to become a ruthless killer and sought to take everything anyway from everyone they also planned a coup d'état when the next exam came up that was when they would ignite their revolt and make this village into the city they knew it could become.

A year passed and Mizu was finally ready to take the exam they had a tournament set up to determine the top five strongest youths in that generation Mizu and Kuro passed all the way to the final round. That was when they faced each other standing at the other side of the training grounds Mizu tapped his feet and crossed his arms waiting for his opponent that wasn't going to show up instead a fire was lit and it blaze throughout the entire lower half of the village although since everyone was watching the tournament no one knew what was coming until it was too late the Kuroyami family had managed to trap the entire village only a select few were allowed to live Mizu's family not being one of them however Mizu escaped from the trapped and went to kill the Kuroyami family while the other villagers who didn't live were burned alive.

Mizu on his silent rampage began to attack the Kuroyami's senselessly murdering a large number of them. However Kuro caught word of a prisoner escaping and set out to find him and kill the prisoner. Mizu walked down a burning path and heard footsteps running towards him He turned around only to see Kuro running at him full speed his blade thrusting inside of his chest killing him instantly.

The boy woke up inside a strange hut he didn't know where he was at or what was happening looking around the surroundings he didn't know what to do or even who he was anymore. It was as if he had memory loss or perhaps no memory at all getting up he began to walk around the room it smelled slightly weird it was clean but yeah smelled as if something was rotting around the area. The boy got up and walked outside not knowing what to expect but the sun was bright and a old man looked over at him while he was blinded the old man calling out to him. Hello boy glad to see your finally awake! the boy jumping back out of surprise almost falling down but regaining his balance and looked over to the old man. The old man laughing and pushing his air back to get it out of his face speaking in a kind voice. A pleasure to meet you my name is Kurama Araumi. I'm a resident of this here Rukongai so now that I've introduced myself how about returning the favor. Boy?
The boy looked at him and shook his head he didn't know the very answer he was asking shaking his head he sighed and spoke lowly and slightly scared. I don't know... I... I don't know anything where I am, who I am, Or what I am anymore. Kurama merely smiled and closed his eyes looking upwards to the sky seeing the clouds pass by and his brown eyes cut towards to the boy and he spoke softly. Then how about I give you a name then and you can stay with me until you get on your feet would that be fine with you... hmm let's see how about Shiro Araumi? Would that be acceptable? The boy listened to his new name and smiled Shiro Araumi he was happy about this he nodded and smiled at Kurama devilishly. Kurama looked at the boy and raised his eye and laughed stating I suppose since I'm giving you my last name that would make you my son and this area it's called the Rukongai we live in the outer districts. As you can see... It's not in the best of conditions... But we take care of each other here although it's getting a bit harder with so many people coming in. It's sad to see such young souls coming into these parts in such high rates. Kurama looked down and sigh getting up and walking back inside Shiro sitting there rather dumbfounded by the fact of he was now a soul as this man said he walked back inside to see Kurama standing there grabbing a box off the self and looking at it opening knowing Shiro was behind him and taking out what seemed to be a katana resting in a royal blue hilt. That's when another voice a small girls came into play Oh Kurama senpai! I'm back for my lesson to become a Shinigam-! Oh...who's this? The girl that walked into the room was about Shiro's age. She had long flowing black hair she wore a black kinimo and seemed to be rather clean and nice smelling Something about her attracted Shiro's attention.

Shiro stared at the girl long and hard creating a awkward silence but it wouldn't last long as a crack sound erupting through the air and Shiro's piercing scream shattered the silence holding his head tears forming in his eyes. Kurama stood over him and sighed It's rude to stare you know why not go and introduced yourself to our guest while I get prepared also after your done come with me. I have to explain things and I have a offer and gift for you. With that Kurama took his exit and gave Shiro the spotlight. Speaking shyly to the girl Shiro began to introduce himself H-hello.. My name is Shiro....Ah Shiro Araumi. The adoptive son of Kurama Araumi it's a pleasure to meet you. The girl eyed him with a immense amount of hatred and anger and only spoke two words towards Shiro. Shut up. With that she left and to a opening in a forest outside the Rukongai district and Shiro grimmaced a little thinking about why she hated him he hadn't said nor done anything to offend her. Walking back silently to Kurama he noted how Shiro looked and sighed and spoke in a cheerful voice. I wouldn't worry about her she's just jealous that's all. In time... if all goes according to plan you two should become close. Getting serious he began get serious. Now on to the more serious topic... Do you wish to become a Shinigami Shiro? The only reason I'm asking is because of your reiatsu it seems to be very strong for one of your age I can tell you now you have the gift my son. I should know I was a former Captain among them the highest rank I believe with yours and Kari's gift you both have the power to change the Siereitei in many ways. You have a pure heart I can sense it. Shiro was shocked about the sudden offer and nodded quietly smiling and shouting. Yes I'll try to accomplish it with all my power! I promise you!

With the years passing Shiro and Kari both trained to get into the academy to become shinigami they were both accepted into Squads Shiro become a member of the 13th division Kari becoming a member of the 3rd division. They continued on with their duties until murders began happening Rukongai it wasn't just normal murders but brutelike their bodies strewn across the area as if they were exploded or tossed aside as someone's meal. The area that the murders were formed around was the outer edges of the rukongai where Kari and Shiro were from. So they were both sent on this mission to find a annilate the murderer. Though they were going to ask their old master for help walking up to the house the old man Kurama was sitting there a pipe in his mouth and a book over his face as he rested apperantly he was reading shortly before hand. Shiro rubbing the back of his head spoke softly to his mentor. Ah... Master...Master Araumi... Kari having enough of it screamed at the old man. HEY OLD MAN WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S KARI AND SHIRO YOUR SON AND STUDENT YOU GEEZER! That was when the old man jolted awake and looked at them both Shiro smiling politely happy about being reunited with his friend and his adoptive no he should say his real father. They were his reason for being it seemed like he wanted to protect them both he watched as they argued and drew their swords against each other sparring as they liked to do. Shiro being the calmer one out of the group he remembered when Kari used to dislike him because he was a student that is until he defeated her when she challenged him for a fight. Then they grew to be very close at least until they went their seperate ways. They stopped fighting and Kurama began a very haughty laugh even for being Kurama himself and he spoke calmly So what brings you guys to this part of the Rukongai? Shiro and Kari both looked at each other and nodded and explained the situation and Kurama nodded stating You both are welcomed to stay with me if you like also I'd like to help in your search as well. Shiro being himself and not having any doubt in one of the two people he trusted agreed and said he was happy to have him aboard. Kari though she didn't show it knew more then Shiro did about the murders it was similar to a experimental case years ago which she read about from a member of the 7th division. Shiro left before he could get this note though but there was only one former shinigami living out here and one that still had a zanpaktou. That being Kurama himself though she wanted to doubt it as well she knew deep down if this got out of hand Kurama could use Shiro as a decoy and there would be trouble. Sitting down they begin to plan out there schdule for that evening and plans to catch this murderer.

A few weeks passed while all the of the team was trying to find the murderer however one evening they all got into a major fight after Kari decided to annouce that their was records regardlesss a case vaguely similar to this one and it showed how the captain was due to be exiled and stripped of all his powers but he disappeared before that. All three of them left after that fight went their seperate ways Kari went to the old training ground, Kurama somewhere in the forest, and Shiro walking by himself in the Rukongai. Kari stand there staring at the moon when she heard rustling turning around it was Kurama standing there his zanpaktou with him angry his pupils shrank and his eyes had a peircing glare he yelled at her releasing all of his reitasu hoping to draw Shiro there and immbolizing Kari. Shiro felt the immense spirritual pressure and knowing who exactly it was there was no way it was him grabbing his zanpaktou from it's sheathe he began to rush towards the location coming up to it what he saw was horrifying to him at the least. Looking down he saw Kari surrounded with ash and Kurama standing there laughing and screamed over to Shiro Shiro my son would you really blame your father for doing this? I'm only trying to purge the evil out of this world... Two of the people closest to you do you really think that you can handle this world without them? Because if I'm taken to the gotei my life here as well. But I must purge a evil sin right here as well. Ignite. With that command Kari was ignited in a expolsion all around the area that they were in her body fell to the ground Shiro screaming and rushing towards her aid. Turning her over he was sickened and anger coursed through him. Her chest area was blown open as if she had inhaled some of the ash by accident waiting for her body to fade away he got up and walk over to his 'father' and simply stated Sorry father. And stabbed him in the chest right in the heart although Shiro knew Kurama let himself be killed it's what he wanted though after that day Shiro turned cold and quit living for himself instead he decided that since everyone he loved was gone he decided that his life would have no meaning but he would prevent those with meaning a way to become stronger and not care eventually he was promoted to captain of his squad.

Rp Sample:
Soren was pushed back and laid there on the ground smoke all around him he struggled to get up but he was losing consciousness zanpaktou laid back in it's sealed form. It was the last thing he noticed before falling out of consciousness. He awoke in a field by the ocean above him the sky was very vibarant with stars and multiple celestial patterns though something was missing his zanapktou spirit. Sitting up Soren had a splitting headache then the dread realize had just hit like a bolt of lightning why was he here also where was the captain? Sitting up he began to reach for his Zanapktou finding out that it wasn't there. He stood up scanning the area he didn't have to look long before he spotted a man standing there near the edge of the cliff looking up at stars Soren's white zanpaktou in his hand. Soren walked over to the man cautiously and stood behind him that's when the man spoke in a voice all too familiar to Soren and Soren's eyes widened as he listened.

You're a fool Soren Kiyomeru. Risking your life for the sake of of others it's noble of of course but can't you see Soren? It's selfish you and I would but die not knowing outcome of what we did also what your precious Sniper you know she cares and doesn't want you to die or to see you hurt. Yet you mosy on almost getting yourself killed! Then what would she hasve left and what good could you do then you pathetic stupid fool?!

Soren sighed and looked back sighing and walking next to the man taking a deep breath and blowing it out.

I see so then I had to chat coming for a long time now? Well you made some points I didn't think about... I can't answer that because I'd never know... I'd like to say I wouldn't die and you're wrong but if this continue's Kazuma may be right same with the captain along with you. But this is your human form huh? All of this just to chew me out huh?

Soren studied his zanpaktou spirit carefully and sighed in it's human form his zanpaktou spirit had black samurai armor with white trimming with Japanese markings for 'sacred', 'Divine", and 'Judgement' around his right shoulder to his lower left side (so basically diagonal) was a replica of his dragon form over his armor. HIs face seemed to ressemble Soren's quite a bit he had a bit longer more wilder hair then Soren and markings coming from his his jaw to upper cheek. (which was colored red) He stood a bit taller then Soren and had Amber colored eyes. He stared down at soren and sighed shaking his
head calmly and looked out at the sea Soren crossing his arms. Until Tenryū tōboe had revealed his intentions to
Soren he could wait he had before Which usually got him in trouble but he didn't care too much the zanapktou spirit sighing and revealing his plan since he knew Soren would back down.

Alright then.. I suppose since you won't back down and be patient and take in the scenery with me let's get the point. you're the level of a Vice Captain now and I believe through you're strong will and pure heart that you are ready to handle this power. The power of bankai. Now I must test you to see what you can accomplish.

Soren nodded and prepared himself it was now the time he was finally here Soren was going to push through and finally obtain this power he couldn't lose now he couldn't the Captain had finally given him his chance to obtain more he wouldn't fail not now and not ever although he knew that Tenryū tōboe knew that and he could feel the same feeling emmiting from the zanpaktou spirit as they both jumped off the cliff standing out over the sea within a epilltical shaped arena Tenryū tōboe holding out the zanpaktou and he began to unleash it's bankai.

All has fallen to shadows unleash your divine judgement bankai, Tenryū Kaminoikari. A flash of black light erupted out of the area surrounding him and when it faded he longer even wilder hair and claws and feet similar to that of his dragon form which looked slightly like talons, black tail and wings his amber eyes had slits in them and he basically looked like a beast the zanpaktou had disppeared from his hands and Soren looked surprised to see this and had a bad feeling in his gut when Tenryū Kaminoikari rashly yelled at him.

Alright your training is to survive against me and cut me IF I so decide to let you live that long! You better place all your beliefs on the line and steel yourself for this next attack because if you lose I won't grant you this chance to ever attain Bankai again so come at me with you're all!

Soren's zanpaktou appeared in Soren's right hand and he smiled at Tenryū Kaminoikari speaking loud and clear. You're going to regret even giving a chance to attain this power. I will defeat you! After that we'll defeat anyone who stands in our way of protecting our friends it's our duty no matter what and right now you're in my way!

Soren and Tenryū Kaminoikari both release their full amount of reiatsu and launched at each other parrying and blocking each other. Soren surprised by the sheer mobility of his bankai and raw power it had possessed also the overwhelming amount of reiatsu. But throughout all that he saw the flaw in his Bankai it was mostly short range he sighed knowing this was going to hurt. As they continued battling he the plan he thought of it was already going to work he knew it was. Soren was kicked away and Tenryū Kaminoikari launched for him Soren regained his ground and thrusted his whole being forward stabbing the zanpaktou straight in it's chest. Tenryū Kaminoikari smiled and whispered in Soren's ear.

Now I can protect you better... Also you know the weakness now don't you? Soren nodded and smiled gently and spoke to his zanpaktou. Don't worry I won't fail you and I'll protect myself as well.

Your Zanpakuto: {To be able to use technique, Shikai and Bankai, knowledge and know how must be acquired in-game)

Zanpakuto Name: Suirōumi
Sealed Appearance: A six foot blade including hilt and all. it is a regular blade with a royal blue hilt and sheathe.
Zanpakuto Spirit Description: His zanpaktou spirit is a water serpent with two horns and he has a larger set of fins in the front of his body and two smaller ones at the end to power his way through the ocean that is his innerworld

Shikai Release Phrase: Awaken, Suirōumi
Released Appearance: When Suiroumi is released it transforms into a pure white trident that has a royal blue mane around the lower part of the fork which rests at the top half and around the spear which is at the bottom half. The trident having little pieces that connected on the inside of the fork giving it a oriental look while the spear on te lower half being twisted giving it a coral like look.
Other Changes: His overall main in his shikai state is water/moisture manipulation. He can draw the moisture out of the air and use it to power

Shikai Abilities: [Max is 5]

Name: Suirōumi Kōhai
Description: This ability is activated by 'release Suiroumi' and a meduim sized water serpent can either be guided with Shiro's eyes to lock on to the opponent or lock on to a reiatsu other then his own and home in on that persons reiatsu but being slightly more in accurate however if the ability hits the opponent it can cut, be a force to propel the opponent back, Shiro can freeze it upon impact, and finally have it as a incredibly hot steam that surrounds the opponent for a time being. (It's usually vanishes after like 2 posts) The downside of his ability is it takes time to form the water serpent and the fact of if he isn't guiding the attack is prone to being more inaccurate and he is it is more vunerable if he is guiding it.

Name: Suirōumi Misuto-shō
Description: With this ability Shiro is able to phase his whole body into mist letting attacks pass through him and able to sneak around silently if he isn't spotted also if a attack passing through the mist and spilts it or tears it apart it can pull itself back together. However there must be requirements for him to do this he must not be in the middle of a attack or moving so basically standing still and to reformhe must be standing still as well.

Name: Suirōumi Tsumeshōgi
Description: When Shiro uses this ability when he slashes either side of his trident a close range to mid range stream of water closely follows his trident and can be used to cut his opponent and also create a a bit of distance between him and his opponent the force of the water is enough to push his opponent back the only downside of it is that it can also the cut though allowing them a opening.

Name: Suirōumi Ukeireru
Description: When he uses this ability a thick shell of water forms around him and freezes encasing himself in a shield of ice all it's good for. however if he encases a opponent or a ally inside the ice he can choose to form water with healing properties in it however the healing properites can only heal deep cuts and shallow wounds but if the wound is too deep or too critical it doesn't really have a effect except to slow down the effectivness of that said wound. The downside to this ability is lack of actual healing power and the fact of it cannot be used in the air and the lack of mobility inside he basically stand inside it and move side to side.

Release Phrase: Ōsuirō Junsuinikari
Released Appearance: When shiro releases his bankai his trident shatters and a orb of water forms around him as a veil as his uniform changes and becomes more fitting to his body the backside of his shinigami uniform with the haori are lengthened and the ends are ragged with haori's design changing from the normal with the squad's insignia on it to having a royal water design from the bottom midway up his back and the squad's insignia patching itself on his uniforms sleeve on his upper back is the Japanese symbol for wrath. Also crossing around his his chest in a diagonal path (From his right shoulder around his chest and around his hip connecting at the chest.) is a blue serpents pelt also looking similar to his zanpaktou spirit with glowing blue eyes.

His zanpaktou gaining a form of two water serpents that is actually made from water itself. They can be controlled with his eyes or his hands with faster movement and more power. They take a form similar to his zanpaktou spirit which if damaged they can reform into themselves with moisture in the atmosphere
Other Changes: Shiro's water manipulation is much greater in power and speed of manifesting objects to attack with in his bankai form. However when he uses it the water serpents usually finish their movements and disappear so it has to work to fit his bankai.

Bankai Abilities:

Name:Shinseina Mizuyari
Description: When Shiro activates this ability he gathers a large amount of water and forms it into a rather large spear that launches at the opponent upon impact it will disperse as a thick watery mist and from the commands 'Freeze' The mist will flash freeze into a solid orb of ice or 'Kill' The mist will form little sharp pockets of frozen air making daggers of ice that launch at the opponent. The downside of this ability is as it being a large spear it takes time to form and can be avoided easily.

Name: Kyūryū o kasukēdo
Description: when Shiro uses this ability he creates a massive water surge the area around his opponent is the water being strong enough to deal a decent amount of damage to the people that aren't careful.

Name: Ribaiasan danmaku
Description: When Shiro activates this ability the two water serpents form into one large creature that looks similar to his zanpaktou spirit and locks in a opponent spiritual signature and launches towards them at high speed bashing cutting just attacking the opponent in any way possible. However due to him using his two water serpents he is left opened to attack until it reforms.


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