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A "simple" tea shop



A "simple" tea shop

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:07 am


Jade sat down on a small bench outside of the shop. The warm summer air blowing threw he long purple hair felt good as she sipped her sweet rose tea. She seemed to be enjoying her self, she was wearing her favorite kimono.
sorry for not describing it.
Although she still had her Zanpaktou attached to her side, she still felt more comfortable and less worried about her duties as Captain. Her soft purple eyes seemed to be staring into the sky, as if to be watching for something. But today was not only a clear blue sky. It was also the anniversary of her birth, well she didn't know what else to call it.

Her long purple hair, now neatly tied up into a bun, was decorated with a white rose hair clip. It was a gift Moon had bought for her on her first year of life.


It was a word she thought of often, but never truly understood. Because the incident that caused her to come into life was nothing more than a complete accident. She didn't know weather to call her existence a life or not.
She sipped her tea some more and pondered a bit on what she should call it. But nothing came to mind.

There were Bluejays in a nearby tree, singing their happy song. Summer was always her favorite time of year. She sat her small porcelain cup on the wooden table and watched as the birds chirped and seemed to dance in the trees around her. She had always been envious of them.

I bet it would be nice to go threw life without so much to worry about.

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