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Melodia izuna

Melodia Izuna

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Melodia izuna

Post by Melodia Izuna on Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:05 pm

I'm a Living saint protector of the world
Basic Information:

Angelic Name: The saint without fear
Name: Lady Melodia Izuna
Gender: Female
Angelic Appearance:
Human Appearance:
Personality:Kind to heart, slow to anger and loving to her subordinates. These are words that describe Melodia best. She is gentle and beautiful. As beautiful as she is deadly. She will make decisions that she believes is best for her subordinates, and if wrong, she will beg forgiveness for it afterwards.

Loving flowers and watching them grow, her touch can be tender and almost like silk. However being the head of the Izuna clan, she knows of the 10th blade technique and will not hesitate in using it needs be to make sure her subordinates are protected

Your Legacy:

Character Story:

RP Sample:(We prefer quality over quantity.)[/i]

Angel Information:
Angel's are divine beings but they have to embody there powers into the form of a single weapon to show there might
Arme Divine: albus innocentiam and angelus mitis (translated into white innocence and gentle angel) are the two weapons that Melodia uses

Your Forme d'ange:

Forme d'ange Name: Eripe Antiquae (tears of the ancient)
Forme d'ange Appearance:

Abilities (Max 16 you can add/unlock as you progress)
Name: Training Eyes
State: all
Terms of Usage:passive
Description: After seeing an ability being used in front of her, she can use the ability. If her field of vision is clouded. She will be unable to use the move until she has seen the remainder of the move at another time.

terms of usage:none
descriptionafter seeing a cero being used, she is capable of utilizing one

nameIzuna Clan Blade techniques
terms of usage:All
descriptionbeing the head of the izuna clan, she can use the blade techniques that were passed down through the generations.

terms of usage:

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