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Reborn! Chapter 350

Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Reborn! Chapter 350

Post by Muerte on Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:37 am

The chapter begins with Reborn drifting into a dream. The next page begins to show Reborn, just before he was transformed into an arcobaleno. He is confronted by a mysterious man, who weilds a clear pacifier. If you remember from past chapters, in the Vendice there was a man known as Bermuda and a baby on his shoulder wielding one as well. He then lets Reborn know why he's there, to assemble the Chosen 7, or I Prescelti Sette. Reborn is then shocked and wakes up to Tsuna who is on his bed scared because Reborn has a gun held at him, nothing to unusual about it. However it is revealed Tsuna witnessed Reborn either shaking or something as he tells him he was worried about him because of the dream. Reborn then goes on to say he didn't want Tsuna to see that and as he's talking to him, Tsuna drifts off into sleep. Reborn does the same, however continues to have the same dream, but further on into it when he meets everyone after the man gives him a map to a set location. Reborn heads to the location and meets the other chosen 7. However, Reborn is suddenly pulled into the dream as well, and so are all of the other Arcobaleno! Then the man from his dreams appears to them and tells them he brought them there and that they can't use their abilities, much to their dismay. Then the man goes on to ask them a question. If you want to find out what was said check out the manga!

Reborn Chapter 350

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