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Seto No Hanayome


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Seto No Hanayome

Post by Okami on Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:18 am

So, lately with nothin' to do, I've been hangin' out with my friend on lookin' for somethin' to watch. We were quite fortunate to stumble upon a fantastic anime known as Seto No Hanayome (The Inland Sea Bride), or since Funimation took over, My Bride Is A Mermaid.

Now, the title's pretty self explanatory. First time ya hear it, you instantly think, "Well, this is just another romance anime," and your partially right. Now, I'm assuming that most people around here are into action or supernatural animes, considering this is a Bleach site, so not everyone might be into the romance genre. But, it is a romantic comedy, and I put strong emphasis on comedy. This anime is frickin' hilarious. Seriously, it's off the wall.

Okay, so a break down of the story is, a 13 or 14 year old boy is drowning in the Seto Inland Sea. He is saved by a mermaid of his age, named Sun (San for some subs). According to mermaid law, a human is to be executed if they see a mermaid, as is the mermaid. However, Sun's family, the Seto gang, comes up with a way to save both of them. That way is for Sun and Nagasumi to get married, much to the displeasure of the Seto gang (minus two).

So, the two move back to Nagasumi's hometown, Saitama. There, you are introduced to a cast of intriguing and hilarious characters throughout the series. As in most animes, the characters are very original, and you almost fall in love with every single one. My two favorite characters are probably Lunar and Chimp (Runa and Saru in some subs). Lunar is a star who is sooo kawaii, but in reality, she's frickin' insane and suffers from an superiority complex to Sun, and almost always tries to top her. Chimp is just one of those off the wall, lovable characters who is just ridiculous.

Of course, since this is a romantic comedy, so it does have it's fruity moments, like the openings and endings, but eventually you just recognize those as cute and adorable. If you're just watchin' it for the lawlz, the romance in it is so minimum, it wouldn't bother people who don't like that kinda stuff, but it's also enough for people who do like that kinda stuff. It's also one of those animes that's waaay better subbed, I watched the Funimation subs on their website because it was the only one with reliable translations and quality (if you're goin' for subs anyway).

So yeah, anyone who wants a good lawl, go check it out. A fair warning though, the first, like, 3 episodes are a bit slow, so just power through it and you should be fine. And for anyone who is familiar with this anime: LALI-HO, LALI-HO, LALI-LALI-LALI-HO!!!

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