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Shirayuki Mikimura

5th Division VC
5th Division VC

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Shirayuki Mikimura

Post by Selfi on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:53 am

I AM Shinigami warrior of god & MUSHROOM NINJA

Basic Information:

Human Name:
Ninfu [Nymph], Chi [Blood]
Shinigami Name: Mikimura[Miki Village], Shirayuki [Snow White]
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Tells everyone she’s 97; Appears to be 16 or 17)
Division: 1
Rank: To Be Decided
Residence: Soul Society
Appearance: Shirayuki’s hair is styled a-symmetrically, falling below her chin in the front and cut short in the back. Messy, jagged bangs hang above her inquisitive lime green eyes, complimenting the paleness of her skin. Her body is very slender and built for agility, as well as thin robes adorning her frame to make for easier movement, regardless of the amount of skin showing. Over her 'ninja suit', she usually sports an oversized black Haori which has weights built into the cloth; so apart from it being simply something to cover up, it is also used to build strength and stamina even when she isn't training. Her hair color is a light, warm pink color, though changes to the color of her eyes when her zanpakuto is released. Wearing a mask to conceal the majority of her face, her nose is relatively small with narrow nostrils, and one would never know that she actually prefers to wear a faint pink gloss over her lips to emphasize their relative fullness when not wearing said mask. Shirayuki is almost obsessed with keeping good hygiene; she makes sure each inch of skin is flawlessly smooth and without blemishes. Her teeth are also immaculately white- something else she fusses over- and her canines are unusually long.
Weight: 101 lbs
Height: 5’3” (45.9 kg)
Breast/Cup size: 32B

Full body:

Haori [Bigger and thicker than picture shows]:

Ninja suit/Body:

Personality: Shirayuki often times keeps to herself. Although she is relatively intelligent, she has the tendency to be somewhat ditzy and a little bit of an air-head. Some may think of her as a little bit of a tomboy, as she seems to get along with males rather than females, but that is quite untrue. She deeply enjoys ‘playing dress up’, make up, extravagant clothing—especially that of the more revealing, risqué kind— and furry animals, though she will starkly deny it and indulges her interests in private. Shirayuki, despite how active she is during training sessions and the like, is incredibly lazy. Her favorite thing to do is nap in an astronomically over sized bed with a large number of pillows and blankets. Above all, she is belligerently competitive. Her favorite food is sautéed mushrooms.
Gambling (She especially enjoys a game of Japanese Mahjong)
Getting her hair played with
The color lavender
Mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, ramen
Mountain Dew

Dirt under her nails
Excessive sweating

Your Legacy:

Character Story:
Following Shirayuki’s death in the Human World, her spirit was sent to District 78, Inuzuri, the South Alley of Flowing Spirits. She and her older twin brother, Kougaiji, quickly discovered that they were at a disadvantage by playing fair in such a place with only eachother to rely on. The two youngsters eventually learned skills for survival; Shirayuki learned to cleverly gamble- a trait she carried with her to Shino Academy later on- and Kougaiji became a pickpocket. Though these helped their living situation, the twins still only came up with enough to barely eat, something necessary since, unbeknownst to them, they each had high spiritual energy.
A little after their birthdays (which Kougaiji had given them since they weren’t sure when it actually was), the two were chased to the outskirts of the district as pests. With nothing to feed themselves apart from a few illness-causing berries growing in few places, their frail, malnourished bodies began to shut down. Kougaiji made one more attempt to look for food, and climbed up a tree to survey the land better, while his sister waited on the ground for his return… which didn’t happen the way she’d expected.
Somewhere along the way, Kougaiji lost his footing and fell to the ground, getting impaled by a rock upon landing. He let out a heart-ripping cry, and Shira rushed to his side—though her mouth began to water as the rusty, bitter smell of his blood and innards overwhelmed her senses. The last thing she heard before blacking out was her brother’s gurgled, confused slur of her name.
When the young girl came to, Kougaiji’s mangled intestines rested somewhat eaten in her lap, blood dripping from her mouth and chin, as well as vomit. Trembling, she quickly came to the realization that her hunger had blinded her into cannibalizing her sibling. Shirayuki laid what was left of her brother’s body to rest nearby, with a small rock serving as the only grave marker.
Accepting that she too would probably soon die, she rested next to the grave in wait. It was only a day or two after that a woman from her district wandered into the brush seeking herbs when she came across Shirayuki and brought the young girl back into her home, pitying her. The woman identified herself as Kagero, and nursed Shira back to health. The two remained together until Shirayuki made the decision to join Shino Academy 4 years later.
Shirayuki has never spoken of her brother’s death, even when Kagero inquired about the girl’s past.
Completing the mandatory 6 year curriculum, she graduated from the Shinigami Academy and is now en route to a career within the walls of the Seireitei.

RP Sample: (Refer to Leiko Chikako)

Your Zanpakuto:

Zanpakuto Name: Heimdall
Sealed Appearance:
The sealed version of Shirayuki’s zanpakuto is that of a Japanese tantō. The blade of it is 9 and a half inches long. It is tucked into the back of her grey obi, much like Soifon’s.

Zanpakuto Spirit Description:




Shikai Release Phrase:
Released Appearance:
Other Changes:

Release Phrase:
Released Appearance:
Other Changes:

Abilities (Max 12, you can add/unlock as you progress, but to be able to use technique, you must acquire it in-game)
Name: (Name of the ability)
State: (Shikai, Bankai, Regular Or All)
Terms of Usage:(Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can and cant do)

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5th Division VC
5th Division VC

Posts : 202
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Re: Shirayuki Mikimura

Post by Selfi on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:54 am

Can't decide what Squad I should be in Dx But yes, there you have it. :3 Hope its all acceptable (especially the questionable history).

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Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Re: Shirayuki Mikimura

Post by Muerte on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:26 pm

Put her in squad 2, she looks like someone who would be a perfect ninja :3

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Re: Shirayuki Mikimura

Post by Funnyguy339 on Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:18 am

Mhmm.. interesting, well approved, choose which ever squad you wish to be in and then we can note it down. (Y)

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Re: Shirayuki Mikimura

Post by Lee_Takamoto on Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:32 am

Approved once the squad is picked

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Re: Shirayuki Mikimura

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