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Unisex Gym

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Unisex Gym

Post by Funnyguy339 on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:36 pm

Welcome to squad 6 gym, all squads are welcomed here, every shinigami has to pay a small fee of 2 kan for entry purposes and then you may enjoy you're time here at the gym.

Come here and work out, if you're going to fight please fight in the boxing arena that we have provided, here no weapons of any kind are allowed so fighting must be in training gear and must be hand to hand combat obviously kicking is allowed.

You can hand in any items like your zanpaktou ect.. at the front desk were you items will be stored away safley and then given back to you when you're done.

In the back of the gym there are changing rooms for both male and females, ofcourse they are seperated for various reasons. There you can lock away any clothing you may have including your sandles and can dress up in something more relaxing for training and working out.

Must be bare foot at all times, the floor is specially designed so that it doesent damage you're feet but massages it.

We hope that you all have a good time if you have any questions please speak to the NPC at the front desk or just PM the squad 6 Captain Michael Shichirou. Hope to see you soon!

-Captain Michael Shichirou.

Note* this is a unisex gym, both genders are allowed here.


Both changing rooms are provided with toilets.

Unisex Hot Springs

Unisex Steam Room.

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