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Suzaku Yukimura [Vasto Lorde]

Suzaku Yukimura

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Suzaku Yukimura [Vasto Lorde]

Post by Suzaku Yukimura on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:48 am

Yukimura Vasto Lorde Vizard Template

I AM Vasto Lorde Vizard
Basic Information:

Human Name:
Suzaku ???
Shinigami Name: Suzaku Yukimura
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be 18 but is really 800
Clan Rank: Shikikan no Sahou
Residence: Unknown {I think it may be Heaven?}
Appearance: Somewhat tall for his age, and has a lean, muscular frame clearly toned from a lifetime of training in the Chinese martial arts. His eyes have been described by other characters as "squinty" or "shifty" and, indeed, they appear as if closed most of the time, opening only to depict Jadens darker emotions such as anger, horror or avarice. Jaden wears his black hair long and tied in a ponytail with white ribbon while his long, spiky bangs hang over his face, often obscuring one of his eyes - usually the left. a black Chinese shirt worn closed under a long, black trench coat with black slacks and black dress shoes and the orientation of his hair differs depending on which personality he is in, left if he is angry and right if he isn't.

Personality: On the surface, Suzaku comes off as a rather silly and lighthearted person, frequently engaging in comical behavior and retaining his oft-present grin even while making threats. He displays a childlike amusement for new situations, whether or not they prove adverse or even potentially fatal, has a penchant for wandering off on his own and collapsing in the street. Even with all these idiosyncrasies, he is extremely personable and his particularly complimentary nature easily gains him the friendship and trust of those around him. Of course, these aspects bely the complex and determined young man underneath. On the reverse side of his frivolous nature is his considerable shrewdness, which makes him quite capable of reading people and situations in order to manipulate them to his liking. He is particularly observant, taking into consideration even the smallest details of his surroundings in order to better understand and deal with challenges and, despite his lofty position, is not above using cheap tricks or questionable tactics to ensure his own survival. Being singularly ambitious, Suzaku also has a remarkably tenacious will that allows him to overcome virtually insurmountable obstacles and accept inhuman burdens for the sake of his ultimate goal. He has considerable pride that will not stand for having his humanity insulted or contemned by his enemies, but he is also capable of shelving his pride if it becomes something that will stand in the way of his objective.

This is largely due to a sense of duty that Suzaku holds at the center of his being. As liege of the Minamoto clan he strongly believes that his primary responsibility is the protection and advancement of his kinsmen, understands that a king's right to rule is granted willingly by the people and takes to heart the idea that the people are served by their liege, rather than the other way around. In keeping with this sense of "noblesse oblige", Suzaku is very protective of his kinsmen and comrades, often deeming their safety more important than his own despite his ambitions and goals and refusing to allow harm to come to them. He has to be reminded several times that his own safety is something upon which many people depend and uses his loved ones as his primary motivation when all hope seems lost. As such, he becomes furious when observing those who willingly or remorselessly cast aside their own comrades or brethren and is sickened by the idea of superiors who reject their duty to those who trust them.

Your Legacy:

Character Story: Soul life
*wasn't a soul lol*
Academy days
At the age of 12, in Soul Society Age, 120, Suzaku was admitted to the academy. While in the academy he learned a lot about Soul Reaper etiquette and learned how to access things better along with Kido skills. He would be checked on every day by his mother and father to make sure he was paying attention in class. This made him embarrassed, one of those child things. He continued to progress throughout the academy up until he graduated from the academy. After his graduation he was submitted into the 2nd Division where Sanba and Haji were Captain and Vice Captain. [Most of the history is in the history above in the first post]

Vasto Lorde Vizard Information:

Stage 1: Mask Only Release

Vizard Mask:
Abilities: This mask increases Suzakus speed and his reaction timing to attacks.
Cero: Light Blue [Like Grimmjow]
Time Limit: The Amount of Posts: 3 to 5

Stage Two: Mask and Body release
Vizard Mask The mask breaks apart around the head and eye area, leaving the lower jaw. His lower jaw goes around his neck, much like Coyote Starrk.
Body/Uniform Change
His appearance changes drastically. His hair turns from its formal black color to a pure white color and grows in length and flows down to his waist. Marks begin to appear on the centers of the backs of his hands, leading up to his shoulders. They are colored dark blue and they glow when Suzaku is in battle. Around his wrists are a little bit of fur, which are black in color.
Cero: The cero stays its normal blue color but gets darker, with a black outline added to it.
Time Limit: 5 to 7 Posts

Stage 3: Full Vasto Lorde Release
(note: This is the highest level of vizard ability. You must have trained to achieve it)

Vasto Lorde Mask:
Body Transformation:
Cero: The Cero stays the same color but becomes more rugged and gets smaller in size but does more damage.
Abilities: Gains the ability to use Cero Lamapara, a Cero which is the same as Cero Oscuras in power and strength. Lampara is just a lighter variation and not as dark as Oscuras. Lampara can either be shot from the center of his forehead without having to be called forth or it can be shot from his index finger and his middle finger on either hand. His speed is also heightened.
Time limit for this stage: 10- 17 Posts

Commanders: (basically vc's to retainers) max 15 posts
Field officers: max 10 Posts
You must rank at least to a field officer to qualify for this stage)

Your Zanpakuto:

1.) Your Zanpakuto can undergo a transformation of sorts, much like you do. If so use the info below to fill out your Vasto Lorde Zanpakuto.

Option 1 *I'm making a new zanpakto*

Zanpakuto Name: Sabbia Bianco
Sealed Appearance: A normal katana with a pure white hilt with tan designs in them. Attached to the end is a chain.
Zanpakuto Spirit Description:

Shikai Release Phrase: Bury them in the empty sands, Sabbia Bianco!
Released Appearance: Sabbia Bianco fades into nothing, almost as if it weren't there. This allows Suzaku to control any type of dust or sand in the area.
Other Changes: N/A

Release Phrase: Drain them, Succhiare Sabbia Bianca
Released Appearance: The zanpakto combines with Suzaku, allowing him to use eternal amounts of sand. His hair turns from black to a tan/sandy like appearance and his eyes become dark brown. He gains two blades which replace his one blade.
Other Changes: N/A

Abilities (Max 16 you can add/unlock as you progress in-game)
Name: Desert Form
Terms of Usage: Must be in Shikai form to use
Description: This ability allows Suzaku to turn anything, as long as its made of stone, into pure sand. This ability allows him to use most of his other abilities and can't be used against anything water based.

Name: Desert Spada
Terms of Usage: Useable only in Shikai
Description: Suzaku forms his right hand into a loose blade of fast-moving sand and then stabs it into the ground, extending it along the ground like a torpedo, splitting anything in its path, including the very ground itself, through extreme and focused erosion, created by the sand blade, which is strong enough to slice a man in half. Its weakness is water and can't be used on water soaked sand.

Name: Sables Pesado
Terms of Usage:Shikai, must be called out
Description: Suzaku gathers a swirling mass of extremely dense sand in his hand, then hurls it at his opponent, causing a massive shock wave upon impact. This moves weakness is water.

Name: Ground Seco
Terms of Usage: This ability can be used during sealed state but uses a lot of energy and can be used in place of Desert Form
Description: Suzaku places his hand on the ground and uses his dehydration ability to dry out a huge area around him, turning it into a desert wasteland. When he does this, it also can cause the area around him to crumble and cave in, causing unfortunate foes to fall to their death. This move uses a lot of energy so it requires Suzaku to be at full power to use.

Name: Desert Girasole
Terms of Usage:Requires full power, current form to be bankai
Description: creates another loose sand blade from his right hand with Desert Spada. Like Desert Spada, He stabs it into the ground causing an area in front of him to collapse. However, a giant pit of quicksand will be formed instead, with the sand being taking away by underground rivers (which he can detect). Anything caught in the pit will be sucked in and buried alive. This attack can only be done in a desert terrain for use.

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In the name of the Yukimura Clan, I shall carry out all duties as ordered and shall not let my emotions get the best of me while in battle. [Is this good?]

Suzaku Yukimura

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Re: Suzaku Yukimura [Vasto Lorde]

Post by Suzaku Yukimura on Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:18 am

Account Finished For Now

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In the name of the Yukimura Clan, I shall carry out all duties as ordered and shall not let my emotions get the best of me while in battle. [Is this good?]

Baka Yukimura
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Re: Suzaku Yukimura [Vasto Lorde]

Post by Baka Yukimura on Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:56 am

Looks pretty sweet, APPROVED!

How do you like mine? I'm worried using VL Shirosaki might be too "cliche"

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Re: Suzaku Yukimura [Vasto Lorde]

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