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Yukimura Vasto Lorde Vizard Templates (Yukimura Members Only)

Haji Yukimura
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Yukimura Vasto Lorde Vizard Templates (Yukimura Members Only)

Post by Haji Yukimura on Thu Apr 21, 2011 3:37 pm

Yukimura Vasto Lorde Vizard Template

I AM Vasto Lorde Vizard
Basic Information:

Human Name:
{Name when you were alive}
Shinigami Name: {Name after death}
Gender: (Sexual Preference)
Age: {How old is your character)
Clan Rank: {Your assigned Rank}
Residence: {In which province does your character currently reside?}
Appearance: {A detailed explanation or a picture}
Personality: {How does your character think?}

Your Legacy:

Character Story: (How did your character come to be a part of the Yukimura Clan?)

Vasto Lorde Vizard Information:

Stage 1: Mask Only Release

Vizard Mask: (Detailed explanation or a picture)
Abilities: (Does the mask affect anything about your character's ability in battle, such as IE: reduced strength to increase speed?)
Cero: (Cero is of limited power in stage 1, but what color is it?)
Time Limit: (How many posts can your mask last in this stage?)

Stage Two: Mask and Body release
Vizard Mask (does you mask change or stay the same?)
Body/Uniform Change(In this stage you are one step from a full hollow transformation release, so instead of just adding the mask, you will undergo a change in your appearance. Does this change simply affect the clothes you wear, or does your body begin to undergo changes?)
Cero: (cero gets more powerful in this stage, so does it change colors or remain the same?)
Time Limit: (how long does this stage last for you, if left in this stage?)

Stage 3: Full Vasto Lorde Release
(note: This is the highest level of vizard ability. You must have trained to achieve it)

Vasto Lorde Mask: (What does your mask look like in this stage? All Vasto lordes have the horns, but not all look the same.)
Body Transformation: (what do you look like in appearance now? At this level you have completely released your Hollow side, so instead of just a uniform change, you will also change in physical appearance, so what do you look like?)
Cero: (same as above question on color)
Abilities: (do you gain any unique enhancements or abilities?
You have a choice here:
You are allowed two physical enhancements, like increased strength and speed etc... or you are allowed one unique ability, similar to the abilities of zanpakutos.)
Time limit for this stage: (time limits are assigned by rank in the clan, as those in the higher ranks have been vizards for longer on the forum:
Daimyo and retainers: max of 20 posts
Commanders: (basically vc's to retainers) max 15 posts
Field officers: max 10 Posts
You must rank at least to a field officer to qualify for this stage)

Your Zanpakuto:

You have 2 choices here:
1.) Your Zanpakuto can undergo a transformation of sorts, much like you do. If so use the info below to fill out your Vasto Lorde Zanpakuto.

2.) You may elect to keep your zanpakuto as is in the shinigami form. If you choose this, you must post a link to your character sheet.

You are allowed to choose whichever one of these options you prefer.

Option 1

Zanpakuto Name: (Name of your Zanpakuto}
Sealed Appearance: {Your Zanpakutos regular state}
Zanpakuto Spirit Description: {Describe your Zanpakuto Spirit}

Shikai Release Phrase:
Released Appearance:
Other Changes:

Release Phrase:
Released Appearance:
Other Changes:

Abilities (Max 16 you can add/unlock as you progress in-game)
Name: (Name of the ability)
Terms of Usage:(Is the technique activated, or can you do it without any special terms or conditions)
Description: (Describe what your technique can and cant do)

Option 2

Link to character Bio sheet:

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