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Victor Dunkelheit's power boost

Wandering soul

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Victor Dunkelheit's power boost

Post by Victor on Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:19 pm

1&2: Victor Dunkelheit

~Powers Update~

Name: Shadow Claw
State: Shikai or Bankai
Terms of Usage: Must have the urge to actually harm the target.
Description: Victor has both of his claws become covered in pure darkness, the darkness takes on the form of a black mass that is plasma like in structure. *Plasma as in the state of matter* This triples his attack power for four of my post, aka his claws will cut three times as deep and hurt three times as much. When used in Bankai the damage is quadrupled. It does have a cooldown of one of my post though after it runs out.

Name: Phantom
State: Shikai or Bankai
Terms of Usage: Concentration
Description: Victor is able to phase through objects such as the ground, walls, ceilings, floors, and barriers if the energy in it is less than his own. This is usable in Bankai, and he can move through things twice as fast in Bankai as well.
But he canít phase through things that are moving rapidly, such as a boulder thrown at him, a weapon getting slashed at him, arrows/bullets, and such. He also canít phase through complex living things *can phase through plants still duh* or high powered energy based barriers

Name: Silent Death
State: Shikai or Bankai
Terms of Usage: must aim palm at target if it is to be fired correctly
Description: This is Victorís only ranged Shika attack, this allows him to shoot a beam of energy out of the palms of his hands at a target. The beam is only half an inch wide and tall. The damage it can cause is equal to the damage a cero from Adjuchas could cause. Being that it is so small it makes it move very fast and is hard to see due to the fact it will look like a tiny black dot to the target.
When used in Bankai the beam is able to do damage equal to an arrancar's cero while being one inche wide and tall. The speed is slightly higher about 30% higher. But it can only be used once every two of my post, it a got small area of effect.

Name: Darkness Swarm
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Must have visual contact with targets if lockon is to be made.
Description: Victor causes panels on his shoulders to open before twenty beams of black energy shoot out of his body, the beams can be made to lock onto twenty different targets. Each beam does half as much damage as a cero from a arrancar; the beams are only six by six inches wide and tall so they are not too big. They are also good at tracking their target and move at fast speeds, and when they hit a person they make a five foot by five foot explosion.
But they canít make really sharp turns; also they can be made to explode before hand if you hit them with a strong enough attack *aka equal to or greater than their own force*. It can only be used once every 3 of my post as well.

Name: Void Claw
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Requires him to have used Shadow Claw at least three times during a fight.
Description: This is a very powerful close range attack of Victorís; its destructive abilities is equal to the combined power of five arrancar ceros. He will then try to slash his target, even if he was to hit nothing but air or a barrier the energy in the claw would be set off. This will cause a twenty feet by twenty feet explosion to engulf Victor and who ever else is near by. It does have a cooldown of four of my post, also high chance of friendly fire.

Name: Eclipse Cannon
State: Bankai
Terms of Usage: Requires a charge time of two of my post, can't use any other special abilities while charging.
Description: Victorís most powerful ranged attack in that it will have the destructive power equal to that of a Grand Ray Cero from a high level Arrancar*Espada*, this energy beam forms in his chest and will be a swirling mass of black and neon green energy. The energy will then be fired from his chest causing a five foot by five foot beam to rip across the area toward a target or group of targets, the explosion will be a one hundred foot by one hundred foot area of destruction.
This ability can't be used much due to the fact it burns off a good amount of energy as well as it does have a cooldown of five of my post.

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