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Welcome to Deserts End

Mr. Satan
Demon King
Demon King

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Welcome to Deserts End

Post by Mr. Satan on Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:55 am

This is where Hueco Mundo Dessert and Hell Desert meets, not everyone can sense the change, but once you're pulled into the zone, you will be somewhat trapped in a time different where you move, like a dimension you cant break, you are in Hell.

The rules of this forum is simple, you must have a reason to be here, or your post will be deleted.

Amongst all the the subforums under hell, this is the only one open for regular players, other than this place, you cant view/post/start topics else where.

If you want to visit Hell it's self, and not just the Dessert, avail of Hell Tickets.

Goodluck finding a dealer.


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