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Raienzo's ressurection


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Raienzo's ressurection

Post by Raienzo on Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:42 am

Zanpakuto Name: Akuma Elerecto
Weapon of Choice: Long Sword
Appearance: A basic Long Sword of pure silver. The hilt measures 6 inchs with the blade itself reaching 5 feet in length and 8 inchs in width.

Element: Reiatsu
Spiritual Pressure Color: A blood-red that matchs the color of the victims who had fallen prey to his power.



Release Command: Tear away at the wretched vermin of this hell.
Released Appearance: Shown above

Passive ability 1: Master Reishi- Raienzo Akuma has a masterful control of his reishi and spiritual energy allowing him to use all his techniques at their max effectiveness for the least amounts of energy, Even the most basic bala will be lethal to even powerful opponents if they manage to directly hit the target. His cero, unlike normal, can be fired from any point of his body in a instant, His pesquisa can sense even the slighest of changes in spiritual flow, and Raienzo is able to even mix techniques with his weapon, such as coating his zanpakto in cero energy to highly amplify it's power.

Passive ability 2:Regeneration- Though it isn't as fast as other regeneration techniques used by some arrancar, Raienzo can use his regeneration to a much more skillful and less costful way. He, unlike most other arrancars, can even regenerate his own organs if he is still alive and they are still in his body. He can also regenerate entire limbs, or half of hia body if the lower half had been seperated from the upper half.Lastly, Raienzo can use his unique regeneration to heal lost cells and remove anything from his body causing negative affects, such as poison.
Downside: Costs a set amount of reishi to use and is usually slower then other espada's regeneration.
Small cutts or first degree burns/weak poisons- 2 posts
Larger gashs, second degree burns, more powerful poisons- 5 posts
Limbs,organs, more deadly poisons- 8 posts
Half of the body/extremely fatal poisons, extreme blood loss, mass wounds, etc- 12 posts.

Passive ability 3: Advanced Physical Power- Raienzo has natural strength, speed, and stamina above what a normal espada could reach in their ressurection and humanoid forms.

Active abilities:

Active ability Name: Reishi Cutter
Description: By focusing his spiritual energy to a specific frequency, Raienzo can cover his weapon in a clear aura that, once coming in contact with any energy technique, will severly weaken it.
Downside: If using this, Raienzo will be unable to dodge the weakened attack.

Active ability Name:Omega Cero
Description: This is a rather simple technique. The user will do the basic steps of firing a gran rey cero, but instead of a normal cero mixed with blood, the user will mix a Cero Oscuras with their blodd, making a truely destructive cero with twice the force of Cero Oscuras
Downside: The technique has a large toll on the user's reiatsu.

Active ability Name: Segunda Etapa
Description: The ultimant form of power an arrancar can reach in their life. This stage shatters all mask material from his body, including the original mask, giving him a full-human appearance. His spiritual pressure becomes undetectable and invisible, as well as his eyes turning a pitch black. All his physical aspects will double and his energy techniques will reach an entire new level completely being some of the best in the espada.
Downside- Only lasts ten posts with a 10 post cooldown.

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