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Kan {RP-money, Soul Society Currency}

Loli Gaga

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Kan {RP-money, Soul Society Currency}

Post by Loli Gaga on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:39 pm

lady Ruru wrote:As bleach wiki says so, Kan is the currency Soul Society uses, and is similar to Yen of Japan.

Meh, we wont follow that, mostly cause i dunno bout Yen, either way, its found under your BD-cash, and this are 2 different things.

Bd-cash, grows on its own, when you post, you earn something,. While in Kan, it doesn't.

This will be considered our RP money, one which you have to earn.

So i guess were bringing back Shinigami salaries. Only Moderators can edit them, so if your a mod, don't abuse it.

Captains and VC's will have a separate salary thread, as for Division members, one should be set up within your division.

Salary will be given every 2 weeks, so keep the activity. (depending on the captain)

As for what you can buy with it? Dont worry, im fixing that.

Thanks for reading.


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