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Welcome to Rapture......


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Welcome to Rapture......

Post by Raienzo on Thu Mar 03, 2011 8:18 am

Rapture is a vast city owned by the most powerful of arrancar, Raienzo Akuma. It's population is only of ten, none of them being other espada.

Though only appearing like a modern city in the world of the living in external aspects, the buildings inside are empty with nothing but some ashes, toxic waste, and blood of unknown origen. The only exception is the grand sky-scraper in the center where Raienzo Lives. The top floor only is rather luxurious with anything one could imagine. The one below being that of an average home, and the rest below filled with swarms of insects and other annoyancesa.

The ten inhabitants are genetically altered hollows with their body changed, mask destroyed, and power augmented.

Nine of the ten altered beings are called the "Grand Judge"(s). They have abnormally high height, around 7'7, and have power rivaling a normal vice captain except for their speed which is lacking to a third seat's level.

The last inhabitatnt aside Raienzo himself is his pet, a giant dragon-like being twenty feet tall and 7 feet wide that sits atop the roof of the grand sky-scraper. The being is able to use cero quite often and has durability at the level of even a weak captain, though speed, strength, and it's cero technique are all only around Vice Captain level.

( These are all NPCs only found in Rapture, they do not leave the area ever.)

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