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Isolation Control Tower


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Isolation Control Tower

Post by Senetue on Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:16 am


There's no definitive name for this tower but Senetue has hinted many times before as this being the control tower for the area and from his throne inside of the tower he is able to control the entire kingdom. He can cause things to happen such as new islands to be generated, roads to be formed, paths to be made or disappear. Everything can happen in Isolation and Senetue is able to freely control everything that happens from the top of this tower. People might think that once they take his throne they will be able to do the same but they face a horrible challenge in trying to scale the tower. The tower will freely rearrange itself every hour or so or the time can be even lessened should Senetue be in his throne making it hard for people to move around inside or outside of the tower. Then even if you should make it to the top, his throne is protected behind a gate that has a encrypted password which most people will never figure out. As such one must visit when Senetue is there to even grace the throne room with their presence.

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