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Post by Loli Gaga on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:36 am

BDRP General FAQ'S

What is the plot?


BD is trying to recreate Bleach as a story as we exist in a parallel universe far from the anime/manga it's self. In Bleach Dynasty time line, we are just at the very birth of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. Both there existence explained in a way never did in Bleach Canon or any other Bleach Sites before.

For were trying to separate our world from bleach cannon completely, non of the Canon characters exist in our world, making it impossible for some races to exist. (For example, the existence of both Espada and Vizards, without those who were involved in crafting Hōgyoku, they shouldn't exist.)

But there's nothing impossible for a world that is young, we aim to re-create every event there is in Bleach Canon and promise to make it even better. And we know we can.

View full plot:

How do i create a character?


1.Pick a race from the template section
2.Fill it up with the information asked.
3.Post it in the submission area
4. Wait for approval.

For better instructions, read this.
Creation Guidelines -
What and Where -

Shinigami Question:

My character got approved, but it says im a Rogue Shinigami? Why is that?


On your application, you were asked for a desired rank and division, not for achieved one. Basically, once your application is approved, your considered a fresh graduate from Shino Academy, and have the freedom to choose which division/organization/clan you wish to serve under.

What are Rogue Shinigami's?

Rogue shinigami's are independent shinigami's , they are either retired from Gotei 13, exiled for crimes, hiding for rebelling, or someone who never joined gotei 13.

They are free to go wherever they want and go where they please. Easily said, Freelance shinigami's.

Can i become a Captain?

Yes, anyone is eligible for a captain position.

But we highly regard this position, so we may set our standards a little higher than most bleach sites, but for a reason, of course.

We would like to approve captains, believe me, its hard to say no sometimes, and to very well written applications too, but we would want to see you posting around for a while, playing the game before being a captain.

If we think your qualified enough, you will be tested, and prepared for captaincy, once it's done, we will come up with a decision on weather you made it or not. But it's highly unlikely that anyone would fail once they're summoned for test, its more like formality.

Here are some benefits for being a captain:

1. All captains are moderators - They have every right and authority to delete, create and moderate thread's within there division, they have every right to set rules and boundaries and rank you as they see fit.

2. Authority - There opinions count for something, here in BD, captains are no longer just wall flowers, they have every right to say something about current arcs, and have every right to take lead when no one is leading, they have the right to start mini event missions and have rights in every site matter.

3. Perks - They get to tweak with there division as much as they like, from a special theme, to a plain one, they have every right to design there division to there liking, from recruitment processes to HQ design. All Captains can request for special rank images (like mine for example). Rank images are tiny images found under ones avatar and user name, every division member has it by default, but captains can request for a custom one.

Can i be a Vice Captain?


Yes, basically, the captain gets to pick who his/her vice captain would be, but you can be assigned by either me or other admins to a certain division if we think you deserve a shot at it.

Ofcourse, being promoted to VC means you will only go higher.

Though your a rank lower, you have equal authority as a captain, minus the moderation rights and custom rank image.

Can i be a vizard?

There's no instant way to become a vizard. But if you want, you must first and foremost fill up a vizard application with information regarding your hollowfication. Once approved, like shinigami, by default you are a shino academy graduate. From there, you should work through the hollowfication process in game.


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