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The Headquarters

8th Division
8th Division

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The Headquarters

Post by Delz on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:28 am

-This is my Office, Enjoy it.-

The Mundane Words:

The Rules:
-Follow your best judgment, even if that means challenging a higher ranked officer than yourself.
-Orders are orders, not suggestions. Do as you're told, when you're told.
-Always strive for excellence in post quality, strategic skills, character development, and attitude.
-Loyalty is the best policy, honesty is a close second.
-Try to have fun, roleplaying is, in essence, a game after all.

Standard Procedure:
-Should you break a serious rule, either the Division's or the site's, I will personally meet out my own punishment. First offense is generally a PM, as well as putting your rank at risk. Second offense is a definite strip of rank, and for recruits a mental note not to promote you until you've redeemed yourself. Third offense, I don't even want you in my squad; that is, if you're still on the site.

-I will be having an activity check once a month during the last week, anyone who wants to keep their rank needs to post there, have PM'ed me before hand explaining why they're inactive, or posted an absence topic.

-There will be the occasional in-house tournament, group activity, squad training exercise, or some other fun event. These are unscheduled and depend on the efficiency and activity of the squad.

-In-house arguments will NOT be tolerated. If there is tell of a fight between two squad members, I will hear both sides of the story, as well as any input witnesses have to offer, and make a judgment call.

Have a Problem?:

The Headquarters is going to be used as a place for announcements and the like, so if you have a suggestion I ask that you PM it to me directly, or contact me at one of these addresses:
Paul J. Rehac on Facebook.

Read above.

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3rd Division
3rd Division

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Re: The Headquarters

Post by Ichigo9000 on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:38 pm

sir srry that i am l8te but wat can i do SIR



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