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Rules within the 11th

Thasti Col
Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Rules within the 11th

Post by Thasti Col on Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:27 am

Authority Hierchy



All other division Captains (Because of how things moving in the forum, this includes the 1st division unless other wise stated by the 11th Captain)

There is to be no fighting amgonst squad members unless it is a friendly spar or to move up in rank. Any fighting among division members will result in exile from the division.

If someone attacks a member of this division, it is an attack on the whole division. We are a family and will act like one.

There is a buddy system on hirings. Everyone will go out with another member of the division. No buts. The only exception are the Captain and Vice-captain, but if the situation calls for it they will take another member

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