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A Strange Occurence in the Inuzuri District

8th Division
8th Division

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A Strange Occurence in the Inuzuri District

Post by ChukonenNecromancer on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:32 am

Night fell over the Inuzuri district. Kuro grinned, stepping out from the alleyway, fixing the goggles he wore in shikai. Silently, he twirled Supplicium as he waited for something to happen. After a long wait, hollows appeared. They weren't strong, but they were large. Kuro grinned devilishly at the three hollows. "You wanna go some? By the time we're through, I'll shoot you all full of lead!" Kuro fired both guns at each hollow, only to see the hollows multiply. "Fun, fun! Ahahaha!" He continued to fire with a sadistic cackle. "C'mon! I wanna see some fight! Not a freakin' magic trick!" They continued to multiply until three turned into thirty. "Ah, crap. Where's help when ya' need it?"

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