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Mercenary Hiring form

Thasti Col
Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Mercenary Hiring form

Post by Thasti Col on Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:40 am

Division: What division wants to hire

Name: The person who is doing the hiring. Alias are allowed

Number of people: The number of people the hirer thinks is required (number is finalized by the captain)

Information: All information the hirer is willing to provide. Names, places, ranks, etc. No questions will be asked, of course one does just have to apply a little oil for the gears to squeaks.

Rank: How hard is the request.

1-4: anyone can go
5-7: 5th- 3rd seat
7-8: Vice Captain
9-10: Captain

Price: This is how much the hirer is willing to pay, if no price is named, the captain will determine a price that will have to be paid. No excuses for not paying. There is room for negotiations.

11th division members are not allowed to hire their own comrades.

If it is in the interest of the captain he will divide the members of the division and take on more than one request.

All requests are final once accepted, and cannot be withdrawn.

All hirers post in this thread, and a separate one will be made when the request is accepted

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