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Hollow Research Facility of M.I.T


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Hollow Research Facility of M.I.T

Post by Senetue on Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:12 pm

The critical main focus of the 2nd faction area as it is, ideally, the largest building within the perimeter despite the fact that it looks like a rather small building from the outside. The building itself actually stretches out underground from a long range which it is actually sliced into three individual sectors where people can find the three main focuses of the ground. Each side keeps solely to their squad's area but they are allowed to roam throughout the other areas to offer their opinions. In the Technology institute you can find multiple high-tech tools, Investigation is full of books with information on different locations and Medical has not only surgical tools but also some high tech stuff in production. Yet further on you will find Senetue Hirona's personal office and lab where he is most of the time never at but is usually working hard when he is actually there. So, how will you help improve the every day life of Hollows?

(( Do remain on topic in this area and fights are allowed but only can be performed in the above ground portion of the building. ))

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