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Village Center

Aoyama Sachiko
ミカ野 清掃

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Village Center

Post by Aoyama Sachiko on Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:23 am

Welcome to the village center

As you enter the Village area, the first thing you would see is its landmark. Standing 15 story high from the ground is a pagoda built by an unknown architect centuries ago, and is considered one of gotei 13's must see.

The Aoyama Village is but a small compound with many vast landscapes of well trimmed grass, shrubs and bushes. It has several trees, but not so many unlike the other divisions, its also rumored to be built over artificial land, having tremors every now and then, but nothing out of the ordinary ever occurs around the area. Like other Divisions, its connected with the Harujiru River, but that was all before the captain revolt.

It's now an abandoned area, locked for years, its no longer used, not until Sachiko's return that is.

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