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Dragon Temple {Dragon Valley Peak}

Andy McDowell-Mann Jr.
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Dragon Temple {Dragon Valley Peak}

Post by Andy McDowell-Mann Jr. on Fri Nov 05, 2010 12:12 am

If you have the right path, you would know then and there cause one of the shrines pillars is already visible if you look out side.

Going to the temple, you must take the "stairway to heaven" entering hell, you arrive in heaven.

And when you've reached the top, You would see the whole shrine. Unlike other divisions, the old 11th Division HQ is made entirely out of stones and is considered a very sacred place for training and meditation. Outside area is used for all sorts of physical training while the insides of the temple as mental. It can accommodate no less than a thousand shinigami's who would want to train in the ways of the 11th, the rooms are small and is shared by twos, only little items could be placed and if more than 4 people enter one room, they would have a hard time moving. Its water supply is taken from the Harujiru River, just behind the cave, But the water which passes through the temples plumbing are said to be sacred, and could cure any sickness.

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