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Hit List of Squad 2

Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Hit List of Squad 2

Post by Muerte on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:34 am

"Nostrum Verum est Occultus Sophismata"

This is the Official Hit list of the 2nd Division

To understand this list, you need only look for names. This board is open to all members of the Gotei, and will be acted upon promptly and without prejudice.

The way this works is if you feel you have been wrong, someone has violated the laws of the Gotei, or you just want to have a bit of fun at someone's expense, you can post a bounty on their head here.

The way this works is like this:

1.) you must complete the form listed below.

Name: (the target's name)
Division: (The target's division)
Seat: (The seating rank of said target)
Amount of Bounty: (You will have to pay for the services. How much is it worth to you?)
Reason for the Bounty: (What has this person done?)
Desired Punishment: (do you want us to dump water on their head or cut it off?)
Poster's Name: (Yes, you have to leave your name to be accepted)

2.) Once you have filled out the form, a 2nd Division member may pick up the bounty, which will be posted as such in our: (this is for 2nd members only who are taking on the bounty)

Date of Acceptance:
Post number and thread for completion confirmation: (ex: blah blah HQ, post #27)

3.) Once the bounty has been taking and completed, you will be subject to settle your debt. If you choose to welch, then you will meet two things: The 2nd Division will place a bounty on your head, and you will not be allowed to post one again.

It's as easy as that! so feel free to have some fun with each other, dispense justice or settle scores.

Mukuro Sazumushi, Head of the Sazumushi Clan and Current Squad 2 Captain.

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