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Resonance Plains [Michaels Bankai Training]

Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Resonance Plains [Michaels Bankai Training]

Post by Muerte on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:21 am

With the removal of my VC Selfi, my son, Michael has been appointed my Vice Captain. With this, he must learn his bankai. So, we're in a field outside of seireitei and rukongai, where a ball sits in the center. Inside it, is electricity. The electricity helps the shinigami use resonance with there zanpakto to be able to use there bankai. Be careful though, bankai training is a lot tougher than shikai training.

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Re: Resonance Plains [Michaels Bankai Training]

Post by Funnyguy339 on Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:48 am

Michael comes into the field dressed as he would usualy be dressed in his shingami clothing but with a slight twist to it. He walks in and sees the area He nods to his captain and then spins out his two Zanpaktous from his back scabbards. He spins them about and then he walks into the electricty filled ball. He sits in the center as all the electricity surrounds him and passes through his body. He places the Zanpaktous on his lap and begins to focus. Soon after focusing he enters the spirit world of his Zanpaktous.

Once he goes in Thunder and Lightning also known as tormenta are already waiting for him standing at an attack position.

Thunder:"We know what you are here for!"

Michael:"You Do now Do you?"

Flash: "Indeed we do! You are here to learn all of the three stages of Bankai!! Well then lets skip the chitter chatter! You know our rule This time instead of Just facing Thunder you shall fight me aswell and all three forms of your Bankai, We will not back down and we expect you not to back down either! Let us Begin!

As she says this Thunder and Lightning appear in there amor then behind them in a line stand all three forms of Michaels bankai. Michael manages to produce two electric swords and spectates the 5 with his eyes thinking up stratergies. Before Michael manages to say anything Flash charges directly at him. Michael then charges also clashin swords with her. Thunder charges in from behind. He manages to slash Michaels shoulder. Michael briefly turns around and slashes the gut of Thunder. Flash then jumps up and spin kicks Michaels face, Sending him flying, He crashes into the floor and skids slightly. Michael is already injured. Just as he tries to get up The first Bankai form that looks like a barbarian charges in and sends a large Hammering slash to Michael. Michael manages to role out the way just in time to be skimmed by the blade.

Michael jumps up and then the 2nd bankai form fires at his gut sending him back. The Third Bankai form then charges at Michael with speed aiming to Slash him.

Michael quickly gets up and clashes swords with the third bankai form. As this happends the 2nd form aims to do an electric blast, Michael uickly spins around the third form, back slashes him and uses him as a shield to block the attack. The third form gets taken out. Thunder then comes up behind him going to slash his shoulder, Michael manages to block this and kick thunders blade out of his hand then jump up and spin kick him. Thunder gets sent to the wall and Michael charges behind him. The first Bankai form charges up behind him and aims to slash Michael. Michael quickly grabs Thunder and throws him at the first bankai form making him slash thunder. Thuner is then knocked out, meaning the only ones remaining are Lightning the 2nd and 1st bankai form.

In the world outside of the spirit world where shinigamis roam several hours have passed while iside several months have passed. Michael is injured and bleeding and can be shown from the outside aswell as the inside.

Michael charges at flash while the two others charge up behind him. Michael kicks Flashes gut and then throws her to the side, making her slam into a wall. Michael then jumps at Flash grabs her spins her around, raises her off the ground and then slams her down knocking her out taking her out also. The only ones left are the first and 2nd forms. The first form charges at Michael. He manages to counter it. The 2nd form begins to rapidly fire at Michael. Michael just manages to dodge it. The first form creates a thunder storm aiming to fire at Michael.

The first and second form begin to charge at Michael. Michael back flips and lands behind the 2nd form kicking the back of his head. The first form catches the 2nd form and send him back. The 2nd form dashes off infront of Michael. Michael rips out his two Zanpaktous from there scabbards and he stands there sweating panting and covered in blood with broken bones and many pains. The first and 2nd form stand directly inlinement of Michael, they begin to charge up an attack called sonic boom Michael is confused and doesent know what to do. There was no where for him to run he ha dthe thought of him being killed. He held his zanpaktous and began to spin them around rapidly. The two forms fire a large beam at Michael, The spinning blades that Michael had slowly began to from an lage electric bubble shield that reflected anything that came back to them (apart from blades, they would just be shocked and not be able to slice through it.) The beams hit the shield and are both sent back to the two forms with immence power. The two froms both get hit and are sent back unconcious. They both lie there knocked out and Michael was shocked that he was still alive. Once it is all over Thunder and Lightning come to him and congratulate him and say.

Tormenta: "Congratulations, You have earned the right to wield us and use Bankai. We are proud for you to be our King and our master! Remember when in battle always use your fear as your strength. That will be the greatest weopan of all when you gain the true confidence of a warrior! Congratulations Michael."

Thunder and lightning both raise up there hands and a large thunder bolt strikes Michael down sending in all the knowlage and power he needs at this stage but will slowly porogress after more training. In the real world after hours have gone past the electric ball was consumed by Michaels body, Michael appears there on the ground coverd in wounds, broken ribs, Cuts and bruises and alot of blood he pants while the two swords are on his lap. He finaly opens his eyes and says.

Michael: "It Is Done!"


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