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4th Division Ranking Structure and Responsibilities

Aoyama Moshiro
4th Division
4th Division

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4th Division Ranking Structure and Responsibilities

Post by Aoyama Moshiro on Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:07 pm

Bleach Dynasties 4th Division has a different ranking structure than what most would like to offer.

Since the 4th Division slightly dabbles with science (Seeing as 4th Division still hasn't made anything, we will be taking part of its glory)

So we give you two paths to choose from upon joining the 4th Division.

1 is Medicine another is science, if you can do both of it at the same time, then good, better even. So now that it's all cleared up, i will be explaining the designations for ranks.

Chief of Surgery/Captain
The Chief of Surgery is equivalent to the captain, he/she is in charge of all sorts of operations may it be science or medicine. He/she leads the whole division and makes decision for everyone, he/she has full authority over the division and her/his subordinates. He/She observes everyone's activity and gets the final say on whether one person gets promoted or not.

Head Scientist/ Vice Captain
The Vice captain is also called the head scientist. When the captain is not around, he/she gets to make the call on things and is instantly in charge of the whole division. The head scientist must be respected equally with the Chief Surgeon, he/she also has a say in ranking and can change it his/her self if the captain is not around.

Higher Council
The Higher council consists of 6 people, 3 of the 1st higher seats after the vice captains. It consists of 2 3rd seats, 2 4th seats and 2 5th seats, all of which working under the captain and the vice captains.

Chief Resident/3rd Seat
The cheif resident is in charge of all inner 4th division affairs, when in war, he/she is in charge of the ones already injured and are sent to the 4th Division infirmary, for short, they are stationed medics, ready to help any time.

Head of Relief Corps/ 3rd Seat
The Chief of relief corps is in charge of all outer 4th Division affairs, he/she leads the ones who aide fighting divisions in war. He/she leads the ones providing immediate attention to the ones injured during battle.

Attending and Scientists are Doctors/Inventors already known on there specific fields, as to easily put it, they are no longer newbies along the lines of medicine or science, they did there time and have achieved something one way or another.

Residents/Assistant Scientist:
Assistant Scientist's and Residents are new along the lines of there work, they've only just surpassed there current rank interns and are now focusing on there specific specialties of choice. They are well knowledge about there field, but they're not yet on there highest peak of achievement, once they surpass this level, they will become a full fledged Attending/Scientist.

Interns are fresh Academy graduates and basically know nothing about what the 4th Division has to offer to them. once they are properly briefed about there job, they will then be assigned as a fully pledged resident or an assistant scientist.

Honorary members:
Honorary members are members who were once part of the 4th division, they are honored greatly and shall be forever remembered as a part of the group.

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