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RP Thread Design {Suggestion}

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RP Thread Design {Suggestion}

Post by Kami-sama on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:00 pm

Thread Design

I know it could be tiring to create threads for several division topics, but try enjoying it as much as possible.

Here's a few tips from experience.

1. Know what you like

Some captains just makes the thread for the sake of it, this is the wrong approach, you must first know what you want for your division, you wont go anywhere halfheartedly.

This is where the division themes enter, lets just say that you've decided to have a Halloween themed division.

2. Images

In creating topic threads images helps the viewers a lot, let them see what you are seeing, share your vision.

So the theme is halloween, think pumpkins, dark mansions, graveyards, witches, vampires.

But since were talking places, think castle, dark castle, look for a castle dark enough to be your Divisions Head Quarters.

Lets say you found the perfect picture which is

this one :

One tip in using pictures though, never hot link, by hot linking, i mean using the same like as the one i showed above. Not that it means anything, but if you host it somewhere secured, like photobucket, imageshack or tinypic, it can last for sometime, a really long time. You don't need to worry about some site crashing, or redirecting you to a 'no hot linking' image. Its just a shame, so try not to hot link.

Another thing to consider about images is size. Some users use ridiculously huge sizes of images. But thanks to the BD automatic image resize, it fits the window.

But even with it, try resizing your images just enough to fit the window, I'm not saying this for BD alone, but in general. Not everyone has super wide flat screen monitors, were not blind or anything, a neat and orderly thread with nice visible enough pics is enough.

Dont find anything too small though, find perfect sized images or resizing the ones you have.

Something like this one.


Another tip is spoilers, hide the insanely huge images if you cant do crabs about resizing them.

3. Title & Descriptions

In titling your thread, i dont have much of a tip on it, but for basics. You can just call it as it is. first by stating the division, then the area.

6th Division Headquarters

But you can basically change it to what you want, depending on both your theme and naming capability.

Say... something like.
6th Division Rock Castle (Head Quarters)

Titles can consist of different languages as well, it all depends on your liking.

Now for Descriptions, you have your image and the name of the place down in your head, to convince the viewers even more, you now need to put words into those images you found.

Since i have one, it can be the history of the place, how it was made, a short story about it, or just the description of its main function (the head quarters of the said division)

Could be something like this.


The rock castle, found atop the Sakura groove is the castle of light, the only place fully touched by the sun. In a desolated Halloween world, a light of hope stands like a pillar basking them all with its glory, the only landmark left of the original 6th Division.

4. Thread Rules

Now that you have your thread done, theirs only one thing left, the thread rules, now why do we add this silly little rule at the bottom?

Quite simple, to communicate with the readers. Are they allowed to post there? Does conditions have to be fulfilled to enter, can they just spam around off topically.

It should serve a firm reminder, though its often neglected by many, few still reads it.

They should, or they can get in trouble.

rule example

Rock Castle Rules:

Please stay on character
no off topic discussions
don't spam the thread
no fighting
all forum rules apply

That's the basic format i my self use, if you follow it, you can improve it, add innovations of your own. you can use more than one images, add more descriptions if you wish. This is just a guide after all.

Here's the tutorial result in whole.

6th Division Rock Castle

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