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Bleach Dynasty Divisions

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Bleach Dynasty Divisions

Post by Kami-sama on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:57 pm

Bleach Dynasty Division Design

Bleach dynasty has different designs on different divisions. But in default we give a each Division 4 free forums.

  • Division Headquarters
  • Division Ranking and Recruitment
  • Division Highlights
  • Division Archives


Headquarters serves as the divisions center of operation, it may consist of inter-divisional announcements, character registration threads, Zanpakuto Registration, Kido creation suggestions and the likes. Its basically where all the important stuff is found, including the headquarters its self, and offices for the Captain and Vice captain.

Ranking and Recruitment

This is where all recruitment generalities are located. Upon recruitment, you will be added amongst the division ranks, you will first start as a recruit, and move your way up. (unless of course if there's a special condition to it)

You can get promoted through being active on both the forums, and within the RP area.

Rankings are mostly finalized by both the captain and vice captain of the said division. (Most divisions have there ranks change once a month)

If so ever you think there's an abuse, please report it to admins immediately VIA PM.

Some Captains place there character sheets and zanpakuto forms within this area, it mostly depend on them.

Division Highlights is basically the event area of a division, its up to the Division Captain/VC on how they would use it, like an RP area, an offtopic area or the likes. Its also where Divisional events occur, like spars, weddings, celebrations, etc etc.

I believe this one pretty much speaks for its self, sometimes, threads expire to the point that its no longer needed within the division, as to why we have this, this is where all the old Divisional threads retire to when they are no longer desired, or are complete so to say.

Some Divisions have more than the default forum, it can be customized to different names by request, it mostly has something to do with the division themes.

Like for example, the old 8th Division.

Before, our 8th Division goes by the theme of pirates, thus our division forum design goes with it.

For example, our Headquarters has an alternate name as Main Deck, our ranking forum is named Bounties (having bounties for all our member being wanted pirates of the soul society seas)

Get what i mean? But i guess you get how our design works. for any questions, feel free to PM me.

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