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Plot Topics and Regular Topics

Loli Gaga

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Plot Topics and Regular Topics

Post by Loli Gaga on Tue Sep 07, 2010 8:45 pm

I know there are many classifications of topics, but i will divide them into two.

Plot topics and Regular Topics.

Now, whats the difference between this two?

Regular topics are topics where you post in character, but without any specific time or date.

When posting on regular topics, you can post on other topics as well, so you dont need to isolate your character in one thread alone, feel free to roam around, visit places etc etc.

Now it's difference with plot topics is that plot topics happen specifically within a certain time span. Plot topics are major threads affecting the flow of time and condition within a specific area. So you being in one plot topic means you cant be in another major one.

Say theirs a crack in the sky in the living world, simultaneously happening with another event concerning demons in hell.

You cant be on both places unless you leave the other.

Since there's been many confusion, from now on thread starters should mark whether there topic is a plot topic or a regular one. Were not limiting your RP freedom, its just a matter of order in a world of chaos.

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