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The Fall - Reiatsu Training {Point earning}

Aoyama Sachiko
ミカ野 清掃

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The Fall - Reiatsu Training {Point earning}

Post by Aoyama Sachiko on Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:56 pm

Welcome to the Fall

Deep into the 5th Division woodlands lies a hidden oasis most called the fall, the waters are calm, gently flowing into the stream of water, branching out into a huge body of water called the river, into something bigger, the sea.

It reminds the shinigami's of how reiatsu flows, controlling it, releasing it properly and not destructively.

You can earn 100 points per training session, if i feel that you deserve it, then you should have it. The points i five will be based from the quality and clarity of your posts. You can only have Reiatsu training twice a month.

Not all trainings are point earning, some are point deducting as well.

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