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A new world for absolution? TAG: HAJI, AlFRED.

Uruha Anko
Pineapple Princess
Pineapple Princess

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A new world for absolution? TAG: HAJI, AlFRED.

Post by Uruha Anko on Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:22 pm

Captain and Comander Ainiku Zubiri, old and gray, weak and frail. Summoned 3 persona's which held high positions under Gotei 13.

All 3 proven guilty of crimes against all humanity, all but 3, incapable of doing anything for the king.

He started with Haji.

"Hajime Yukimura, proven guilty of crossing time folds, endangering this time frame and everything that goes with it, but failed, and as a result, everyone forgot, but no one can fool heaven knights. You're sentenced for life imprisonment in Babel Tower, but due to the current circumstances, Heaven is closed for any visitations and or transactions, so you are placed in the 2nd division prison."

He turned to Haji's wife and spoke of her crime.

"Minamoto Chiruka, proven guilty of making a deal with the devil named Ciel, not only did you disrupt the original turn of events, but also helped Hajime Yukimura in his recent rebellion, as punishment, you were exiled to the 8th Division where you continued your captain duties, but as a fugitive to most everyone's eyes."

Turning slowly to Alfred Alstein, Zubiri continued.

"And Alfred Alstein, for killing the Holy Order Madre, and helping Hajime Yukimura in his rebellion, you are sentenced to death under Holy Order law."

He cleared his throat as if despising the thought of falling into a last resort.

"But due to the current circumstances we are facing, you will all be granted clemency and absolution under one condition."

He turned sharply into each and everyone of them as if a dagger in each glance.

"That you put an end to the hollow crisis, both of which you are both held partly responsible for" he said turning to both Haji and Chiruka.

Alfred Alstein
악마 집사

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Re: A new world for absolution? TAG: HAJI, AlFRED.

Post by Alfred Alstein on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:42 pm

Wise as he was Alfred held his head up to show his face, he was neither happy nor impressed with Zubiri's wishes.

"You dare come to me after so many years, have Gotei 13 really went that low?"

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