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Section 5: SO and Intel headquarters

Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Section 5: SO and Intel headquarters

Post by Muerte on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:57 pm

Section 5 is the home base of two of the three units of the 2nd Division. Here is where the Special Operations unit, and the Intel database are located.

This floor is divided up into three main areas: The first is the main lobby and business office, which is open to the public.

The second section is located behind the security doors to the right of the information desk. It leads back to a detention facility where detainees may be held until transfer, or whatever the circumstance may call for. This area is limited admittance to the public.

The final section is a secure location where Intel is stored and mission briefings take place. It is located behind the security doors on the left. Thought the floor is public, this room is off limits to all but Intel corps and SO members.

This floor is the base of all defensive and special needs of the 2nd Division. But it holds one more secret: There is a special elevator located inside of the briefing room which leads to the roof, through a small access. Located on the roof, the 2nd Division of today have rebuilt the most deadly of all weapons the Gotei has ever known;

The Kidou Cannon

Rising 15 stories into the sky above Seireitei, requiring 6 operators to position and fire it, this weapon has the destructive force unknown anywhere else in existence.

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