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One Piece Review and Discussion Chapter 578- A present to the new age

cool beans
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One Piece Review and Discussion Chapter 578- A present to the new age

Post by cool beans on Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:16 am

First and foremost if you are not uptodate with the manga at this point please be advised there are MAJOR SPOILERS below so click at your own risk.

The action continues to remain pretty top notch as
Blackbeard and company distract the main forces of the world goverment
Lava Admiral Akainu does his terminator thing and continues stomping after a destroyed Luffy and Jimbei, Jimbei took a pretty nasty hit from him too so could his fate be on the balance, before now i would have said he was safe from the start however after the author has
killed off ace and whitebeard within a couple of weeks of each other
anything is possible.

Biggest twist comes at the end though literally, could this signal the end of the war if the story continues following luffy and will he be healed of his madness? As always One Piece remains the pinacle of shonen jump story telling!

Review Round Up

Plot: 10/10 As always the story telling remains top notch and superbly paced appearance of a certain group of pirates have really made things so much more interesting in this already excellent war!

Art: 8/10 One of Odas better drawn chapters however like most of this war arc its remained pretty hectic and random to follow

Beans Overall Review Score

If you wish to discuss the chapter please feel free to post here thanks:

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