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Hitman Reborn

Rogue Shinigami
Rogue Shinigami

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Re: Hitman Reborn

Post by Muerte on Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:49 am

go to and you'll find out all you need. Don't read to much though. It contains a lot of spoilers

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cool beans
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Re: Hitman Reborn

Post by cool beans on Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:26 pm

ok a brief overview of the main main characters easy peasy:

main character is Tsuna, young kid in high school bit of a loser, who discovers he is next in line to become the head of an italian mafia because as his great great great etc grandfather established this particular mafia family in italy and retired to japan. As the series progresses tsuna learns to harness his latent super sayain like powers, basically like flames that expel from his gloves that allow him high speed flight, super strenght and shooting fire at his opponents

then we have reborn the baby sized head assassin of the family of which tsuna is going to inherit, hes been sent by the aging current mafia boss of the family to train tsuna to be a mafia boss as well as create tsuna his very own next generation mafia family. He has a shapeshifting chamelon who mainly transforms into weapons for him to use, but the main purpose is to fire magic bullets called dying will bullets which transform tsuna and a couple of other characters into pseudo super sayain like characters. he acts as a sort of harsh mentor underneath his baby like exterior but is regarded as one of the most powerful characters in the series

Now onto the members of Tsuna's family, each member represents a different element within the sky, Storm, Rain, Mist, Cloud, Lightning and Sun whilst the boss of the family repepresents the sky in genereal, tp begin with its more imagery than anything however as the series progresses these elements begin to mean so much more than that:

Gokudera (the storm guardian) is a child prodigy straight from italy sent to test the next generation mafia boss very early on in the series. He is a chain smoking dynamite expert who quickly becomes the loyal right hand of Tsuna and is probably one of the most badass characters in the series, (more so in the manga as a lot of his actions are censored in the anime)

Yamamoto (the rain guardian) is a popular baseball jock who turns out to be from a long line of swordsmen, each perfecting their own style of swordsplay generation by generation, his unique style of swordplay and water easily rivals the best zanpakutos from bleach

Ryhohei (the sun guardian) is the older brother of Tsuna's love interest Kyoko. He is an over entusiastic boxing freak and one of the toughest members of the family even if his element is based around healing.

Lambo (the ligthning guardian) is a particually annoying 5 year old assasin from the small time bovino family, dressed up as a cow for some obscure reason he has a particular dislike for reborn and is a grenade packing toddler. His main weapon is the ten year bazooka which allows time travel with ones self for 5 minutes into the future where he is replaced by his 15 year old counterpart. The ten year bazooka mainly acts as comic relief to begin with however it plays a much larger part of the story later on.

Mukuro Rukodo (the mist guardian) is the first major antagonist of the series, he is an illusions expert with aspirations of taking over the world, however time and again he is forced to ally himself with Tsuna and company.

Hibari (the cloud guardian) is one of the strongest members of Tsuna's family, armed with a pair of tonfas he rules over Tsuna's school as the head prefect, ensuring order throughout, he is definatly the most badass character in the series thus far.

Well those are the main characters! hope you enjoy that little bit of light reading! theres quite a lot of characters both good and bad in this series and as you may have noticed each one offers a different style of fighting that really does make this series unique, if anything some of the fights alone are worth watching for sheer entertainment value, give us a shout if any characters interest you in particular and ill direct you to some of their best action pieces in the series.

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Re: Hitman Reborn

Post by blackstrawberry on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:17 pm

Well, I think that anime ended several weeks ago....

The manga is still running, but I have no idea why'd they end the anime...

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Re: Hitman Reborn

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